My real name is Ilkay Cetin, and I go by the name of Ilkay C. So you know, no gimmicks, all real & original.
I'm 24 years old and currently living in Stuttgart, Germany, but my family comes from Turkey. I'm into English rap, rapping and writing lyrics since the tender age of 11, even though it's NOT my native language. My favorite artists are cleary Big Pun, Kool G Rap, Vinnie Paz/Jedi Mind Tricks, Big L. They've always been a great inspiration and you might hear it in my style.
This release is like a 'great collection' of the best songs that I recorded in previous years, as well as a couple of new bangers. Recently, I've made a big change in my mindset, and you can tell I'm on a righteous path now as you listen to the intro 'New Mind New Life'.
Overall 'I Self Lord And Master' got that 90's flavor, multi-syllable rhyming, hardcore, raw & uncut Boom-Bap sound to it, it's a must-hear for all real Hip Hop heads!

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