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Vinsane - "The Rise of Vonnalouchie"

(Click Cover To Listen and Download)

instagram @vinsane_coterie twitter @vinsane_coterie facebook https://www.facebook.com/coterierecords …


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King Camil - "When You Love Somebody"

@KingCamil releases a very powerful heartfelt tribute video for his deceased mother from the album entitled M.O.M. 

@KingCamil - When You Love Somebody   

Album available on 

Spotify www.tinyurl.com/KingCamilMOM 

iTunes …


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NOA AON is a creative producer who has acquired unwavering passion

Pavel Stuchlik is known as NOA AON, the creator of modern healing music. The tracks that are streaming on SoundCloud prove his approach as a holistic healer. With his excellence in the Dance and EDM genre, Pavel Stuchlik has not only created tracks for parties and celebrations but for all who want to…


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Enjoy Listening All The Cool Hip Hop Tracks of Breeze Davinci

If you are interested in listening to some mind blowing hip hop tracks, then listen to Breeze Davinci in soundcloud. His songs are getting viral amongst the fans.

Stream :…


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Thriving Rapper Bravo Bandz Releases Amazing Music Pieces on soundCloud

Hip hop and rap music is one such genre that is gaining new heights every passing year. Right from its origin, the genre has been trending for its bold and vibrant features. Rap as an integral part of hip hop has opened the door for many passionate youngsters to showcase their rapping skills in front of the world. Years back the exposure of hip hop was done through radio, television, local shows and print media. With the era…


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Groove with Forestvillian’s Dubstep Banger Dodge&Fusky-Big Riddim Martin” on SoundCloud

SoundCloud site this season is witnessing engaging traffic in the music gallery of new dubstep music composer Evitsa Stanojkovic aka Forestvillian from Belgrade, Serbia. This young and versatile artist has a deep knowledge on electronic music and has given new dimension to dubstep with the remix version of “Dodge&Fusky-Big Riddim Martin”. Dubstep music has deep roots in London. The genre has been recognized…


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“Taylor's Cadence” – Soothe Your Ears With Zachkary’s New Album

Multi-talented artist Zachkary has started his journey in the music industry long ago. This singer has teamed up with The Scumbag Boys in 2014. But, this band fell off due to multiple reasons and one of them was departing of the gang members. Zachkary has lost his best friend in the last year. His best friend was Cadence, hence, he has released a new music collection “Taylor's Cadence. This music…


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“Why You Bullshiting Master2” - Luce Cannon’s New Music is Ear-Soothing

Luce Cannon has delivered a good number of tracks to his fans in Soundcloud. His new hiphop music “Why You Bullshiting Master2” represents amazing musical blend.

Stream …


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Mike Nauti Releases Vibrant Hip Hop Music For Music Enthusiasts

Rap and hip hop as witnessed a sea of changes during past few years. A lot of musicians have tried to release something new in these two genres. But, only the efficient artists can know how to mix these two main pillars of music in a single track. Mike Nauti is a new rapper who is grabbing attention of thousands audience in soundcloud. Hailing out of United States, this artist is gaining good response from the audience. He mainly focuses on hyphy, pop and snap beats.…


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Aztec Flow is Setting Stage on Fire With His Latest Hip Hop Number - Dreams

Aztec Flow is becoming a popular hip hop artist day by day. Soundcloud has his all new track “Dreams” to listen to which has perfect blend of beats and melody.

Stream : "Dreams" by Aztec Flow

Please Visit : …


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Rock The Dance Floor With the Latest Hip Hop Track - "Ranger Up" by Houston Blake

Houston Blake has dropped his new flagship single in soundcloud. Worldwide fans and followers are overjoyed receiving his excellent musicality in “Ranger Up”.

Stream : "Ranger Up" Houston Blake"

Visit : …


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Pure Topic - Ride My Wave

Artist Name: Pure Topic

Song Title: Ride My Wave

Bio: Determined and driven to do something great i have been singing since a young age of 5 and it was a journey learning so much in so many years but it was just the beginning after 16 years of music I am confident in my years of dedication and passionate singing i want to spread my message across all…


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Burlington, North Carolina rapper Young Pradda let's everyone know that he's the one in his new single, "One" from his latest project Pradda kamehameha .Wav. 

Produced by Ducko Mcfli, the hard-hitting single highlights Pradda's quick lyricism and flow,…


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Stoner Jordan has Done what He Has “Got To Do” in Hip Hop Genre

Hip hop is a musical genre to live on. One can place this genre out of the crowd with the uniqueness it has got. The hip hop artists also have a huge amount of contribution to make this genre what it is today. Stoner Jordan is one such artist. His brand new track “Got to do” on Soundcloud has driven in lot of listeners. Jordan makes his songs inspired from his own life experience and this track is also not an exception. In the middle of the year 2018, the hard copy of this record will get…


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Hip Hop Lovers Listen to Frank Guerra’s buzzing Hit “Airplane Mode”

For all music nerds who are looking for tracks with the peppiness of pop music and groove with the feet tapping beats of hip hop listen to the tracks of Frank Guerra on SoundCloud. The US based artist is signed with El Jefe Productions and is all set with his debut single “Airplane Mode” produced by D. Jeffreez. This beautiful piece of music reveals the incredible voice of Frank that is just perfect for both pop and hip hop music. Fans listen to this track on SoundCloud.…


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Stunning Rapper Mike Dai Is Creating Hustle Bustle On Soundcloud Arena

The perfect music to spice up party mood is undoubtedly hip hop and rap music. The spark and energy hip hop music releases is worth mentioning. Rap as an integral part of hip hop is a true art. A rapper cannot attain perfection with practice and commitment. Simultaneously, penning down lyrics requires rhythmic sense and cutting edge skill to describe a theme using vivid metaphors. Hip hop industry has seen the growth of many amusing personalities who have produced some amazing hip hop…


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"Baby Bad" by Justin James is Buzzing on SoundCloud

Justin James is the mesmeric star with his massive hit song “Baby Bad”. It has nice amalgam of many musical instruments that you will love to hear. The use of the synthesizer also will give you thrill. His nice way of rapping and the stylish feature will  …


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Bl3ss3d’s “Magic” has got marvelous response on Soundcloud

The “Magic” of Bl3ss3d is going on and on amidst the fans. The cool course and tempo of the track have bestowed it with an earthy feeling. The writing of the track has realistic imagery which everyone can relate to. Even there are some moments of affinity with God as well. Bl3ss3d’s love and passion for life and music is expressed through “Magic”. Tune into Soundcloud to enjoy the positive vibes via…


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Doliferecords’s New Single “Stick” is a Mind Blowing Hip Hop Mix

If you are a diehard hip hop fan, then you must listen to the new singer in soundcloud. Doliferecords has released his new debuted music “Stick”. The song is equipped with excellent lyrical prowess. Though Doliferecords is an amateur singer, he has gained wonderful knowledge on hip hop and rap during his career. This artist will soon topple over a few hit tracks in this music streaming site. Soundcloud has already engaged his profile with a good number of listeners and plays count. The…


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“Up Next”- the Track for This Season by Hip Hop Artist King P

If you want to experience the thrill and excitement of west coast hip hop, listen to the tracks of rising artist King P. Young and talented rapper cum songwriter King P is the artist for the season on SoundCloud. This newbie has already become the favorite of SoundCloud listeners who enjoys hip hop music with a change,. His dope tracks are not only melodious and hard hitting but perfect to make some move on the dance floor. After some back to back hit numbers like “I…


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