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Listen To ‘No Place Like Hell’ On Soundcloud For A Rock Music Extravaganza

If you have always been a fan of alternative rock music and looking forward to listen to fresh new beats, Dr Buzzworm is your got-to artist. This musician from Los Angeles, USA is famous for his fresh tunes and superb musicality. ‘No Place Like Hell’ by him is an unexpected song with loads of classic rock tunes…


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Turn the Volume up for the Rhythmic Hip-Hop Tracks of De Woods on Soundcloud

The excellence of hip-hop and rap is undeniable. It generally forms the tracks with thumping beats and rhythms; that is why it is perfect to make the listeners groove and swing with. De Woods is a big host of this genre whose music is making the listeners go wow. His amusing tracks in Soundcloud are sure to spread energetic vibes in your life. …


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Live the Love With The Global Anthem ‘#GOALS’ By Thegaberoland On Soundcloud

The excellence of rhythm and blues and soul music is undeniably appreciable. And when this gets mixed up with hip-hop and rap – the musical essence of the track becomes truly engrossing. This effect has been perfectly made by thegaberoland with one of his buzzing tracks on Soundcloud – ‘#GOALS’. You will go crazy over his creativity once you listen to his track on Soundcloud.…


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1Rich$amo will make you dance with his ‘What you think’

Hip-hop music was made a long time back and still, it continues to make its effect on people. The hot star 1Rich$amo arrives with his astonishing What you think. The song has a natural flow and interesting vibe. If you want to witness his music, you must go to SoundCloud. The great way to his rhyming and the storytelling thing will take away your breath. His music…


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Groove to The Pumping Beats Of “I GLO” By Rising Raps Star Real N3mo

If you are a diehard fan of gritty hip hop tracks listen to the robust music piece “I GLO” by the new artist Real N3mo on SoundCloud. This young artist can be regarded as a true representative of street style hip hop music and he proves it with his new single.

Atlanta base N3mo has kickstart his…


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Hot Dizzy’s Bold Rapping Style Will Keep Fans Hooked To His Music Gallery

Attitude, Flawless rapping style and incredible music score are no enough to define the contemporary hip hop tracks of Indy rapper Hot Dizzy. He is one artist who proves the real power of hip hop track to connect with people. This artist raps about his life experiences, negligence, tough situations and other unfavorable circumstances that has made him tough enough to sustain in the world.…


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Listen To the Glamorous Song By The Super Star FRVSONA

The famous star FRVSONA will make you happy with his soul-stirring music. He has made many songs and each one of them is unique and skilful in its style. The charming and the mesmeric way of tune will uplift your mind. The American rapper is known to create some wonderful music and you will fall for him.

The stunning kind of musical…


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Jay Croft Offers a Phenomenal Musicality through His Hip Hop and Rap Music

Rising music producer Jay Croft from Union, USA, introduces his own brand of freestyling in hip hop and rap music. He has been involved in the music business for quite some time. If you love freestyle in hip hop then you won’t be disappointed by this brand new artist. His songs are a perfect blend of sentimentality, originality and creativity. His unique sense of style and unpredictable nature of music really feels refreshing.…


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Relish the Relaxing Ambience Around You With ‘#GOALS’ By Gabe Roland From Soundcloud

Gabe Roland is one of the great musicians of the new era who was nominated for the Grammy Awards. His songs never fail to satisfy the listeners with utter relaxation. This R & B and Soul musician always maintains to keep a touch of rap in his tracks. And ‘#GOALS’ is no exception from that. The rhythmic structure of this musical piece has contributed to give this number a specific and prominent position in the music industry.…


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Fly high with the lyrical song ‘The Sun’ by the musician T~Wavy

If you like listening to music, you will also like the songs by T~Wavy. He has made the mesmeric music “The Sun”. The great kind of lyrical rhythm will get you in the frame of mind for dance and make merry. His creative work with many instruments will make you happy. He is a determined star and knows how to come up with great kind of work.…


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Exclusive Hip Hop ‘On The Low’ by Haydo Rocks the World of Music

Brand new music sensation Haydo, also known as Hayden Ralph makes a grand entrance in the music industry through his song “On the Low (Prod Haydo)”. This talented music artist is based in San Diego, USA.

He is determined to leave a mark in the music industry through his remarkable musicality. This music artist’s…


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Mike Nauti Is Offering Amazing Mixture of Beats with New Lyricism

Music is the way of expressing your thoughts and emotions. Therefore, the young musician Mike Nauti has taken an initiative to launch some incredible beats for his fans and followers. Hip hop and rap has received a new direction with the music of this new singer. His latest track ‘Love 2 let you know’ is a freestyle hip hop where he has fused excellent rapping style.…


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Iconic JJM Productions Creates a Frenzy with His Fiery Music

JJM Productions is all ready to rock all the music platforms online through his songs. He expresses his intense passion and emotion through his songs. He has incorporated his unique signature style, his creativity and concepts and ideas into his music. He has made the perfect use of ROR TR-808 Drum machine which is basically the origin of rap music.…


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Enjoy the Smoothness in Hip Hop with the All New Track ‘’94 FLEX’ by MUHTEYOH on Soundcloud

We all know how the evolution of hip hop and rap took place and how it started dominating the pop culture of the music world. The boldness of hip hop and rap can never be denied and so is the case with the rappers as well. The youngsters, by default, tend to rule their life; and this generation is much more influenced towards this genre.…


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Mista O Has Made the Stunning Hip Hop Song ‘410 Bitches’

Hip hop music has been in the scene for quite a long time now and all are turning their heads towards this genre because of the kind of the kind of response it has grabbed. If you have not heard any of hip hop music; you must start with “410 Bitches”.

It is one of Mista O’s best creations till now. The song has…


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Kid Reil is an Inspiration to Other Rising Music Stars

Nothing speaks and resonates with the young generation like hip hop and rap.  This genre of music helps the young generation to vent their feelings and emotions. There are many hip hop artists but nobody can even compare to this brand new music artist Kid Reil. His music captivates and inspires the music fans. He is soft and gentle on the ear, but it is groovy and brings out the energy well.…


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Hot Dizzy Takes Hip-Hop to A New Level Through His Mind-Blowing Music

The elements of hip hop and rap music differ from one another based on the place to which it belongs. For example, the music scene of Atlanta will greatly differ from that of Bronx. Amongst the wide variety of scenes, Indianapolis stands out for being the most cheerful yet heart melting. Indianapolis is known as the land of hip hop festivities with exquisite range of new comers trying to make it big in the industry. No matter the land has produced some of the iconic figures in the zone yet…


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Exclusive Musicality of Lil Dish is making him Unique in Music Industry

The music industry is now filled up with some unmatchable hip hop and rap beats. Some of them are produced by new singers and some are launched by the new artists. Amongst the rising stars, Lil Dish is now heading with his excellent lyricism. One will completely fall far his vocal performance and would love to tune it for good number of times. The incredible beats are perfectly lined over with other hip hop elements. His music is brilliantly…


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Dr Buzzworm Is A Buzzing Name in The Music Industry

The official Soundcloud profile of Dr Buzzworm proves his excellence, proves his dedication and devotion towards music. He does not bar himself with only one genre of music – his Soundcloud profile is the outcome of his multi talent and skill. Where ‘Seattle’, ‘Walk Through The Forest’ and ‘No Place Like Hell’ are from alternative rock, ‘Never’, ‘Ain’t Over You’ are from pop and ‘Ice Water In Hell’ is from country music genre. He loves to lead a happy life and to gift the…


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Listen To The Soulful Music “On The Low” By The Famous Star Haydo

Hip-hop music is being loved by all kind of people from young to old. It has all the essential establishment of music which you will fall in love with. The ecstatic kind of rhythm and the soulful ambience will make you happy. The famous artist Haydo belongs to the United States and since this is the birthplace of hip-hop, you will find some of the element present in it. You will find the star on SoundCloud. The great kind of lyricism and the sound utilised in the background…


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