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Listen To Emreis To Enjoy Different Styles of Pop Songs on Soundcloud

One of the most contemporary music genres is Pop music, which is extremely famous and has got worldwide acclamation. It can be called modern music that brought revolution in the music industry. It is an amazing music genre that has broken the norms of conventional music. This music is beyond the typical styles and it is one of the main reasons behind its success. In Soundcloud, there are several musicians who have taken up pop music and entertaining people with their musical expertise.…


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“Takin Yo Bitch” Presents the Hip Hop Skills of Young Zaelo

There are many singers who have recently started their journey towards the world of music. Unlike others, the singer Young Zaelo has come up with an unmatchable musical blend. He has fused cool riffs and smooth rhythmic blends as well. The singer has made good impact on the listeners with his new lyricism. The leading voice will steal your soul and it really sets perfect mood for the audiences. The way he raps and mixes the words with rhythm, it is amazing. The singer has…


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Sigma Shy is Preparing to Release More New Songs for The Fans

$igma $hy is preparing to release more new hip hop and rap music blends. His energetic musicality has drawn loads of traffic in his soundcloud profile. this music streaming site has witnessed some of his excellent achievements in music industry. $igma $hy wants to set a new direction in the world of music. Therefore, he is interesting learning more new things about hip hop and rap. Fans are willing hear more of his excellent experiment of music. This young…


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Groove With the Love Hip Hop Song “Me And You” By Louie Lone On Soundcloud

In last few years, SoundCloud has positioned itself as the leading platform of listening and sharing hip hop and rap music. It is regarded as the hot bed for aspiring artists and rappers who are craving to get some attention in the zone. One new artist who is making a special position in fan’s heart is Louie Lone, the young hip hop artist with exceptional skills on the genre. His jot new single “You and Me” is now streaming on…


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Dr. Buzzworm’s Commitment to Music is Proved on Soundcloud

Dr. Buzzworm is an exemplary artist who masters on different genres especially country, al rock and pop. His SoundCloud galley is the hub that has tracks crafted for all occasions.  From party tracks to heart-melting melodies, Dr. Buzzworm’s versatile music gallery will please music enthusiasts. Robert Tapert aka Dr. Buzzworm hails from Los Angeles choose music over anything. He has find peace and tranquility…


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Listen To the Mesmerizing Creation “I -10” By King Kyle Lee On Soundcloud

King Kyle Lee is one of the biggest and greatest talents that Texas has got in recent years. This extra ordinary talent started his life as a basketball player, but fate did not allow him to continue in that field. His injury got him out of the game, but the gaming spirit remained there in his heart. That inspired him to make a blasting entry into the musical field. And with his so many creations, “I -10” has been named as one…


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Glee Your Mind with The Hip Hop Tracks Of SCOOG On Soundcloud

The story of hip hop is really interesting. The evolution of this genre is a true inspiration. From a cultural movement to the most popular musical genre around the world – it has motivated all the other genres as well all the musicians out there. Hip hop never fails to touch our heart with the sensible lyrics and thumping rhythm. SCOOG is a leading name of this era amongst those who have brought hip hop into the mainstream musical world. His…


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Hot Dizzy Has Released His New Hip Hop Song “Tick Tock”

Hip hop and rap has marked its way in the world of music. The breathtaking beats and the inspiring lyrics of this genre have given it a sense of uniqueness. Hip hop can readily set your mood with its grooving raps. The rappers are highly skilled talent who can make your day with the awe inspiring raps. And, here come Hot Dizzy who continues to entertain you with one of his creations “Tick Tock”. His Soundcloud profile is…


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DC is Rapper who is Getting Immense Success in The Musical for His Meaningful Creations

“Gilligan’s Island” deals with both the happiness and the sadness present in a human life. It talks about the recovery from depressions; it talks about love, hope and belief. DC has tremendously succeeded in making a buzz around with this album. Bring some peace to your life with hip hop tracks by DC on Soundcloud. …


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Jayraa new song “Why They Hatin” Showcases his Unprecedented Skill of Perfection

Since its dawn in the musical scenario, hip hop has continued to be the most contemporary genre of all. It has maintained its trend of enriching the culture around the world ever since. The listeners have embraced this genre with their life. The main reason behind this is the lively nature of this musical genre. People can readily relate to the raps, the musical pieces of hip hop. Jayraa is one of the most celebrated hip hop trend setters of…


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“Snap” Is Hip Hop Music by The Los Angeles Artist Bilda Boy

Hip-hop, as you know, has always been influential for the build-ups and the great usage of various instruments. Now it has grabbed eyeballs of many people and still continues to make its impact. Bilda Boy is one name in the music industry who has shown his extreme quality to make irresistible music. He has the power to enhance the mood of you and lift up your soul. He has released his heavenly “Snap” on SoundCloud. He starts…


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Confess Your Love with Jayball’s “Don’t Let Tonight End” On Soundcloud

Composing a music piece is not just placing the pieces together. It’s about doing it perfectly be it the timing or the flow, in order to create a fluid story. Every different genre has different styles of composing. There are various terms, essential elements without which a music piece cannot attain the specific essence. In terms of Electronic Dance music, the arrangement matters a lot for the real spark depends on the feel it is able to deliver. An EDM…


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“On The Low” is One of Haydo Best Performances That Can Blow Your Mind

Hip hop and rap, being a musical genre, has always been on the top of everything – be it fashion or culture. This musical genre has taken forward the society to a world class culture. It always lets you feel energized and stimulates your senses. The versatility and the experimental nature of this genre have made hip hop and rap the king of pop culture. The globalized nature of this genre has been attracting the human world, irrespective of any cast, creed or…


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Listen to the Mesmerizing Track of Dr Buzzworm and Enjoy New Lyricism

Music is the only thing that soothes your mind whenever you are feeling low. There are different types of genres in music and it depends on you which one you prefer to hear. However, Dr Buzzworm has released loads of tracks for his fans and listeners. His music is getting viral for the excellent lyricism and unmatchable beats as well. The singer has offered a simple acoustic soundscape to his audiences. The continuous rhythmic flow will leave an energetic moment in you. The…


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Get The Musical Inspiration From The Hip Hop Tracks of Steve Woodz

Steve Woodz has filled up his Soundcloud profile with some awesome blossom hip hop tracks that can blow your mind. Each song has a different flavor within them. His songs are made to break the barrier of inequality. One of his single tracks, “Iont Trust Nobody” has taken a major part in giving him the name and fame in the hip hop world. Steve Woodz has dedicated his life to music and is continuously trying to improve it day by day. Tune into his Soundcloud…


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The Dedication of Lil Dish is Carrying Him at The Epitome of Success

Lil Dish is not only an artist but also a sport enthusiast. He is a professional basketball player. But his love towards music especially hip hop is immense. This dedication for music led him towards making some mind boggling tracks for the hip hop lovers. Lil Dish is a person who literally enjoys creating music and this enjoyment brings forth the perfection within his creations. He puts his personal experiences of life into his creations. That’s why each of…


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You Must Check Out Noa Aon's Great Songs

Pavel Stuchlik believes in freedom or movement that is ‘All or Nothing’ which made him Noa Aon. For him, there is no midway. He knows just the perfect way to heal the mind and give a relaxing feel into the head, as this power of music makes this form of art the most unique and diverse one. Noa Aon never fails to turn the dance floor on; even the non-dancers go grooving on the stage. So, tune into his exclusive sound mixes by…


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Music Fans Groove with the Splendid Music Pieces Of Spitta On Soundcloud

Versatile artist Spitta, the Philadelphia based rapper cum composer is creating buzz on Soundcloud with his outstanding compositions on Soundcloud. He has recently launched his recording label Great Gang Management and has dropped some magnificent on the gala. He has been in the music profession from over ten years and has overcome many ups and down. What remained stagnant is his commitment to music. His mixtapes “Money is m=Motivation”,…


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Gunsmith is Making His Fans Hypnotised with His Latest Song, “Bare Witness”

Instrumentation has laid a great foundation for any hip hop and rap song. The first time you hear a song – you get attracted towards it due to its music. So, music is one of the major things for any song to become famous. Keeping this in mind, “Bare Witness” has released a superb song – “Bare Witness” on the arena of Soundcloud. This song has all the components to become a hit. It has new lyrics, incredible story-line and genuine instrumentation. The song is created by Australian rapper and…


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"Ever Since I Met You"- A Mesmerising Single by Wannabe Superstar Jay Hollo

The year 2017 has been a great year for hip hop and rap music with numerous indie artists making their way into the industry with their creative compositions. SoundCloud gala is the best destination for global music enthusiasts for it is the place where they can tune to these new and amazing music pieces. Amongst many popular artists one name that has become the word of mouth of every listener is Jaden D.Holland aka Jay…


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