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A.K.G Makes Systematic Use Of Instruments Which You Will Notice in His Magical Songs

A.K.G is a kind of artist who makes thoughtful music and his desire to make new kind of music will drive you crazy. The hypnotic beat and the wonderful kind of tune will make you go mad. The exc3ellent soundscape with the organic instruments will take away your breath. You will sense excellent kind of rhythm which you won’t be able to notice in any other music.  Get in touch with the superstar on SoundCloud. The sterilising and the sensational kind of vibe will captivate your nerves and make…


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The Simple Acoustic Performance In Her New Track “On The Nephs” Will Keep You Tuned For Hours.

What more do you want when you have a singer like Miss Money in your playlist? This young lady will surely make your feet dance with energetic blends. The simple acoustic performance in her new track “On The Nephs” will keep you tuned for hours. Organic instrumentation and a mellow yet delicate beat are perfectly introduced in her tracks. Being a public figure for both youth and…


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Amazing Hip-hop Musician Travis Reed Gaining Huge Fans On SoundCloud

Hip hop is the influencing genre of this musical world. The cultural upliftment by this genre can never be denied. TravisReed is a rapper of this generation who is delicately maintaining the values of this genre. His creations are an overall vision to the existing sounds around the world. It will surely make your heads bop and shoulders sway.…


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Los Angeles Born Singer Kenneth Stacks Is Creating Magical Music

Kenneth Stacks is a great hip-hop star who has the mesmeric quality to make you a happy person. His unique and classy style of making songs has given him many followers. He has some refreshing kind of song which you will find on SoundCloud. The fruitful music he makes will create immense kind of magic that you won’t be able to forget. He tries to take refuge by making innovative kind of music.…


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Papi Versace Will Blow Your Mind With His New Single “Gorillaz!”

Hip hop and rap is getting a new destination with the trending creations of the artists. It has come a long way, since its inception, in the music industry. Hip hop has its own beauty where the artists tend to spread some deep messages to the society at large. Papi Versace is a new contributor into this genre of music. His creations are creating a big difference with hip hop music. His all new track “…


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Do you want to experience some different beats rather than the usual hip hop tunes? In that case, you should start listening to some of the rising stars who love working on contemporary beats. Well, Houston Blake is a new added name to that particular list. This superstar blends his hip hop music with unique rapping style. Hip hop music when finely infused with rap gives birth to an edgy music. Independent rockstar Houston Blake is creating buzz with his new musical blends. He has a…


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Listen To Elle’s Hip Hop And Rap Songs To Enjoy Rhythmic Extravaganza

It is true that hip hop evolved as a cultural movement but now it is a major music genre that is gaining popularity across the world. Now, hip hop and rap have become synonymous with each other. There are several artists who are making solid beats and amongst them Elle is gaining massive popularity in Soundcloud. He is a new and upcoming artist who is trying to grow his fan base. He has just released his first single and trying to gain exposure for the song.…


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Damestic Takes His Music To Different Level With “Trap In Da Burbz”

Finding yourself ecstatically lost in an ocean of tracks is pretty impressive. Damestic has been releasing song that is creative and nice. One of his EP named Trap in da burbz has been gaining wide exposure for the nice lyricism and the incredible flow. You will experience a wonderful vibe after listening to his ecstatic music.…


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The Great Rapper Eddie Brock Has Some Magnificent Tracks

Music is an interesting way through which you can connect with many people. It reaches your soul as no other form easily can. There are many music genres to uplift you, but hip-hop is one of the bright music genres that you will like to listen. One hip-hop star, Eddie Brock from Bakersfield is making some back to back hit music. Since his childhood, he had a passion for music and he has taken his…


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Stay Tuned On Soundcloud For The Exciting “Forever” By Kaluso

Kaluso delivers his classic Forever with nice synths which is enough to make everyone dance. The setting bass and the enchanting beat will take away your breath. The particular music is Dance & EDM music which has become quite popular. The thumping tune, the magnetic rhythm will make you fall for the Stockton born star. He is also known as Shawn Curto and people are going gaga over him.…


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Mike Nauti Releases Vibrant Hip Hop Music For Music Enthusiasts

Rap and hip hop as witnessed a sea of changes during past few years. A lot of musicians have tried to release something new in these two genres. But, only the efficient artists can know how to mix these two main pillars of music in a single track. Mike Nauti is a new rapper who is grabbing attention of thousands audience in soundcloud. Hailing out of United States, this artist is gaining good response from the audience. He mainly focuses on hyphy, pop and snap beats.…


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Stunning Rapper Mike Dai Is Creating Hustle Bustle On Soundcloud Arena

The perfect music to spice up party mood is undoubtedly hip hop and rap music. The spark and energy hip hop music releases is worth mentioning. Rap as an integral part of hip hop is a true art. A rapper cannot attain perfection with practice and commitment. Simultaneously, penning down lyrics requires rhythmic sense and cutting edge skill to describe a theme using vivid metaphors. Hip hop industry has seen the growth of many amusing personalities who have produced some amazing hip hop…


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Charismatic Rap Duo Rezxrome Releases Amazing Tracks On SoundCloud

Energy, team spirit and excellent coordination define the excellent rap duo REZxROME. The free spirited duo is all set with some amazing hip hop and rap tracks that are creating a frenzy affair on SoundCloud. Their tracks can rightly be exemplified as the new wave hip hop tracks that are extremely melodious and gives party vibes. Rez the Dead and Rome The rapper are becoming the hot favorite artists in the music arena.…


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Dr Buzzworm's Refreshing Tracks Energizing Tracks On SoundCloud

When it comes to music, we are overly choosy and listen to the artists we have heard about earlier. However, music is all about experiments and listening to new sounds to know more about different music genres. If you are a skeptical person whose choices are limited and tend to move around certain kind of music, then you must listen to Dr Buzzworm. This multi-genre musician is known for his rich music collection available on Soundcloud. Listening to him once would make you a fan, even…


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Spend Extra Hours On Dance Floor With NOA/AON Tracks On Soundcloud

The meaning of peace and tranquility differs from person to person. The fact that every peace lover will agree to it and the most enthralling and exciting way to attain peace of mind is with NOA|AON’s music. Music is indeed the best way to achieve serenity. Again even in the case of music, the definition of good music differs from one another. NOA|AON music is however crafted for all…


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Benji Filmz Releasing New Debuted Music "Ball" In SoundCloud

Independent artist Benji Filmz has released his new debuted music in hip hop genre. The new song "Ball" is featured by another famous name Manny Little. The artist has vast knowledge on hip hop genre. This singer is releasing his single under the label name Block Brothas Nation LLC. Hailing out of NA, Benji Filmz has excelled in this particular genre. He wishes to achieve the best position in soundcloud. Benji…


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Energetic Artist Najee Arrives With Thrilling Music On SoundCloud

18 year old rapper, residing in miami with dreams to becoming a big star located at United States, Florida.He speaks about about real life occurences, and use it into a lyrical form in his music. His songs are mainly targetting the people loving Hiphop Music.Do check the new songs of KidNajee "rollinpeace(full song)" and "All this Pain (Alvaro Ft. KidNajee")…


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Enjoy The Playful Musical Beats "HUNNIT" By TxnyWarren On SoundCloud

Urban American kid from the streets of a small town outside of Chicago by the name of Champaign-Urbana, AKA home of the U of I. TXNY is a TRAPPER, FATHER of two, CEO of CXXLCO. and one hell of a Recording Artist to be on look out for.…


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Jonathan Burkett Is An Innovative Artist Hailing From South Florida

Recording artist Jonathan Burkett AKA John Blake has taken on the daunting task of launching his brand as an independent artist and he is doing so successfully.

Besides delivering great music for the people, John brings to the forefront of his empire a story…


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