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‘Rememberances’ - DJ Ko’s Vibrant Rhythmic Approach is Worth Praising

Rising star DJ Ko has created an amazing ambience by releasing some outstanding tracks. The backdrop of his new music ‘Rememberances’ is crafted with loads of new instrumentations. Here, the artist has fused a stage inspired vibe that really draws attention of many listeners in soundcloud. DJ…


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‘Texas OT’ - Sinner Clique Rec’s New Experiment in HipHop has Catered Good Response

Do you want to listen to some vibrant lyricism? Then, it is high time for you to get connected with Sinner Clique Rec.. This music duo is really trying to set a good recognition in the world of music. Steez and Tiko both are looking forward to creating some excellent musical fusions. Well, their new releases track…


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Luke Taleno’s Brand New Single 'Just Let Me' is Drawing a Lot of Attention

Rising music artist Luke Taleno is garnering quite a lot of attention because of his brand new single Just Let Me (prod. Jay Dai &…


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David Arcane Entertains his Fans with his Great ‘Locked Away’

Hip hop music is one kind of musical work which was established long time ago and it still continues to make sits mark among people. The star David Arcane has showed this kind of musical work in his “Locked Away”. The determination, the prestigious element the song has will take you to the world of…


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Listen to the Extraordinary New Wave HipHop Tracks By Heff Da Goat

The new artist in the soundCloud gala who is all set to become the  favorite of hip hop and rap lovers is the Boston breed Heff Da Goat aka Jamie Williams. This young and talented guy is multi-talented and accustomed with the new styles of the genre. His tracks are exotic and enticing, blended with the necessary elements…


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‘One More’ by SinnerCliqueRec Offers Fans a Passionate Music Extravaganza

If you want to relax to the tunes of an amazing hip hop and rap song, listen to ‘One More’ by SinnerCliqueRec. This rapper duo is all about offering good music to their fans worldwide. The music in the song is intense and starts to progress once the listeners get deep into the song. With some super cool tunes…


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‘Drugs Lords’ by E-sounds will Set You on Fire

E-sounds debuts in the music industry through his latest single “Drug Lords” which is creating a huge sensation worldwide. It is grabbing a lot of focus and attention because of its distinctive character. This talented music artist…


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Go Crazy with SkreetBossRecordsllc’s New Single 'Spider Webb'

Feel the zesty beats of “Spider Webb” released by SkreetBossRecordsllc. It is an amazing single featuring Yung Cakes and Snootie Wild and produced by Dub Magic Roe.

Stream “Spider…


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Big Thumbs Up to ‘Steez - '1818 (Intro)’ by SinnerCliqueRec. on Soundcloud

Hip-hop and rap could not get any better without the contributions of SinnerCliqueRec. The duo, Steez and TKO, has come to the limelight with their magical creations. Steez - '1818 (Intro) ’…


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Commentator G8toron is Going Viral with 'Postal Views Podcast # 80 (USPS Remembers 1970)'

Since ages podcast has been regarded as an effective means of communication especially in terms of spreading social awareness of message. Although with the advent to technology this art form was dropping at a pace but with SoundCloud podcast gained momentum and today narrators like G8toron is redefining the power of podcasting. G8toron has released s almost 80 episodes of podcasts under the title of Podcast Views and each of…


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CJ The Goat has Arrived with his Awesome Song 'Krippy Kush Remix Freaky Kush'

CJ The Goat has awesome voice and superb element of trap music which you will not get in any other star’s music. The crazy beat and the high uplifting kind of music on the background will give you thrill.…


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‘Guitar Loops’ is a Wonderful Song by the Great Star TheGabeRoland

Music has always been a great amusing element for all. It is a kind of refuge for all bad soul. If you want to make some diversity in your life, you must hear the song of TheGabeRoland. He has done many works and most astonishing music among them…


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SinnerCliqueRec. Drops Some of their Music on SoundCloud

SinnerCliqueRec. is a duo group and they are magnificent singers and they are climbing the ladder of success at the young age. You will find the brilliant singers on SoundCloud.

One of their song “…


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Brocc’s Songs are Perfect for the Mind-Blowing Usage of Instruments

Listen to the music of the stunning hip hop star Brocc. He has great voice and his tune is pleasantly done and you will find him on the music spot SoundCloud.…


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'Young' is a Fantastic Song by the United Born Etheprophet

The exotic beat and the nice delivery of music by the famous Etheprophet will make you feel wow. He has made the great song “Young” and it is on SoundCloud.

Stream “Young”…


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40/40 (82HUDSON) has Composed the Stunning Song “3 AM in the Benz”

If you like listening to hiphop music, you will like the song by 40/40 (82HUDSON). His amazing song “3 AM in the Benz” is doing rounds on the audio site SoundCloud.

Stream “3 AM in…


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SinnerCliqueRec.Continues to Stay in the Frontline in HipHop Music Environment

Miami, the beautiful beach city is known for the nightlife and clubs. But apart from this glitz, the hiphop and rap music scene of the city is also flourishing with artists like Steez and TKO of SinerCliqueRec label. Both the artists of the label are…


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New Mexico Star HunnitKeyz with his Great Voice Makes Everyone Crazy

If you like listening to hip hop music, you must hear the enchanting songs of HunnitKeyz. You will find the super star on SoundCloud which is the spot for new star.

HunnitKeyz is from Albuquerque, New Mexico and he is taking his music on SoundCloud. His…


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The New R&B and Soul Track “Spanish Banks” by Teon Gibbs is Out on SoundCloud

R&B music fans get engrossed to Teon Gibbs’ new single “Spanish Banks” out on SoundCloud. Produced by Pilgrim the track and is getting huge attention of fans.

Stream “Spanish Banks” by Teon Gibbs on Soundcloud…


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King Slinkz will Uplift Your Mind with his Irresistible Music

The wonderful hip hop musician King Slinkz is making different kind of music which you will like. The songs are best for the youth and they are on SoundCloud.

Stream "All Day" by King Slinkz on Soundcloud here: …


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