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Lo’Geez Brings Fresh and Vibrant Hip Hop and Rap Beats

Rising star Lo’Geez from Philadelphia, USA offers some fresh and energetic hip hop and rap beats which is taking the world by the storm. His music is creating massive sensation worldwide. He has expressed his own thoughts, ideas and real life experiences through his music. It is as if he has bared his own soul in his music. He has incorporated all the elements of the hip hop and rap genre in his music. No wonder his…


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Haydo’s Latest Rap Single ‘Water ‘Proves His Innovative Approach

Rap music lovers are well versed with the fact that no other place but SoundCloud is the best place to listen new and refreshing tracks from global hip hop artists. This gala has certainly marked the way for hip hop genre by inspiring more and more new comers to promote their tracks and gain some respect in the thriving music zone. One artist who has been very consistent in releasing new and exotic rap tracks is Hayden Ralph aka Haydo. After the grand success of his playlist albums…


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Take Your Chance

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Thegaberoland Pours his Soul in ‘Full Phenomenon’ now Streaming on SoundCloud

Since ages music has worked as a tool to deliver different messages to civilians regarding different humanly emotions, societal norms, injustice, motivation and all other changes that happened with time. Hip hop and rap music is one genre that has connected with listeners hearts by touching the themes each and every face in our real lives. SoundCloud has showcased veracity of talented individuals excelling in this music style. One artist who is giving new goals in the hip hop arena is Gabe…


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Wobble Swing and Sing with the Amazing Tracks of RICH$HAD

Music can make us travel to another world of happiness. The musicians are trying day and night to make us feel the glee of life. RICH$HAD is one of the popular names in this list. He started his musical venture at a very young age. His life is fully dedicated for music. This has led him create his own style of genre called Trap Rock. You will understand his unique artistic drive only by tuning into his official…


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Stay Tuned with Wonderful Creations of Mohaymxn in Soundcloud

Rap has been gaining wide popularity for a quite a long time now. It has turned into a stylish genre and you will like listening to it. Some hip hop artists are setting their illuminating trends and making it more hit one. Mohaymxn makes some engaging hip hop music that you will like to hear. His emotional way of making his music will astonish you. His creative mind and artistic nature is appealing many…


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“Ride For Me” is Making Soundcloud Fans Crazy with Its Beats

If you want to be influenced by a song and enjoy its each beat and tune – listen to “Ride For Me”. It has hedonistic sounds that evolve fairly creating magic for fans worldwide. The singer Blizzy aka Blaze has taken full control of the song and have utilised it accordingly. The key to his vocal performance is complete with cool tunes that develop interest of the fans. The structure of the piece is…


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Inspire Your Soul for the Goodness with “Prof. Patrón II | Dos” by The Prof. on Soundcloud

The potentiality of hip hop in making the world a better place is just undeniable. And The Prof. is making that happen with real ease. He is an observer life who is constantly fighting for filling this universe with betterment and pure souls. He, along with a likeminded producer Patrón, have made an enigmatic underground duo of Prof. Patrón. They have recently released “Prof. Patrón II | Dos”, the sequel album of their first appearance.…


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Learn to Deal with the Tough Situations of Life with the Tracks of JREXXX

No other musical genre is as popular as hip hop and rap. And the young artists are making it more and more popular every day. JREXXX is one of them. He has dedicated his life for hip hop and rap. He will let you feel and realize that fact with his astonishing creations. His Soundcloud is filled with some awesome to let you groove with.…


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Mohaymxn’s Mind-Blowing Rapping Style is Making His Song a Big Hit

Are you ready to groove with the new musical blends? Then, tune into Mohaymxn’s new flagship single and enjoy the lyrical blend for hours. Though this rockstar is young and new to the world of music, he has developed good knowledge in all sorts of music genres. Mohaymxn is receiving lots of feedback and likes from his worldwide listeners.…


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“Schemin' N' Dreamin'” – Best EP Creations of Zackreb and Schemin

About Upcoming Rapper- Zackreb and Schemin:

The two young rappers Zackreb and Schemin are releasing some wonderful musical blends in Soundcloud. These superstars are ready to entertain the audiences with some unique rhythmic fusions. Their new collection of EP “Schemin' N' Dreamin'” is worth praising. The subtle tones, arrangements and spectacular hip hop style have made them a famous music duo in front of the music enthusiasts. “Schemin' N' Dreamin'” consists of six…


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Music and Fitness Lovers Listen to NOA|AON Tracks on Soundcloud

NOA|AON on SoundCloud is the premium destination that has been on the front line for long time. The tracks of this gallery are especially crafted for all who are looking to get rid of stress and tension. These tracks are composed by DJ Pavel, the founder of Atmosphere, the fitness and lifestyle studio in Atlanta that has offered new approach of leading life to many folks. Some of the best tracks composed and recreated by Pavel are…


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Stoner Jordan has Done what He Has “Got To Do” in Hip Hop Genre

Hip hop is a musical genre to live on. One can place this genre out of the crowd with the uniqueness it has got. The hip hop artists also have a huge amount of contribution to make this genre what it is today. Stoner Jordan is one such artist. His brand new track “Got to do” on Soundcloud has driven in lot of listeners. Jordan makes his songs inspired from his own life experience and this track is also not an exception. In the middle of the year 2018, the hard copy of this record will get…


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Hip Hop Lovers Listen to Frank Guerra’s buzzing Hit “Airplane Mode”

For all music nerds who are looking for tracks with the peppiness of pop music and groove with the feet tapping beats of hip hop listen to the tracks of Frank Guerra on SoundCloud. The US based artist is signed with El Jefe Productions and is all set with his debut single “Airplane Mode” produced by D. Jeffreez. This beautiful piece of music reveals the incredible voice of Frank that is just perfect for both pop and hip hop music. Fans listen to this track on SoundCloud.…


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Doliferecords’s New Single “Stick” is a Mind Blowing Hip Hop Mix

If you are a diehard hip hop fan, then you must listen to the new singer in soundcloud. Doliferecords has released his new debuted music “Stick”. The song is equipped with excellent lyrical prowess. Though Doliferecords is an amateur singer, he has gained wonderful knowledge on hip hop and rap during his career. This artist will soon topple over a few hit tracks in this music streaming site. Soundcloud has already engaged his profile with a good number of listeners and plays count. The…


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“Up Next”- the Track for This Season by Hip Hop Artist King P

If you want to experience the thrill and excitement of west coast hip hop, listen to the tracks of rising artist King P. Young and talented rapper cum songwriter King P is the artist for the season on SoundCloud. This newbie has already become the favorite of SoundCloud listeners who enjoys hip hop music with a change,. His dope tracks are not only melodious and hard hitting but perfect to make some move on the dance floor. After some back to back hit numbers like “I…


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Listen To “Wrong Of You” by Jaxon for Best Experience of Hip Hop

If hip hop music floats your boat then you must listen to “Wrong of You” by Jaxon. This artist from Vancouver, Canada has started singing from a young age. He is mainly into hip hop and alternative rock that offers a sure-fire cure for depression. “Wrong of You” offers an ambient aura to fans in spite of being hip hop. To find your lost soul, fans must listen to this melodic verse and revel in the lyrics. It is a song that offers a refreshing experience to fans with…


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“Feel This Way” - Warren Singer Producing New Single for Fans

There are many R&B and soul music singers in soundcloud. And Warren Singer is another added name to that list. This singer has introduced his new rhythmic blend. The intensity of beats and expressive lyrics will make you overwhelmed. No matter how your mood is, you will love enjoying his new single. Warren Singer is a dedicated singer who wishes to win over his competitors in this music streaming site. The new track “Feel This Way” has an ear-soothing…


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Demien Sixx’s New Dubstep Track “Straight Outta Zombieland” is Gaining Monumental Fame

In the EDM world, “Demien Sixx” is a name that many people are quickly becoming to know and remember. It hasn’t taken long for the NYC DJ/Producer to build up a strong following of fans, both in the club scene and online.

Demien Sixx’s unique fusion of Dubstep, Electro House and Trap is what sculpts his trademark sound, consisting of drum-machine like sounds, tight rhythm sections and walls of bass, surrounded…


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New Dance and EDM Song- "UNDER MY SKIN" by Kendra Erika on Soundcloud

2-Time Billboard Dance artist. Kendra Erika is a South Florida native singer/songwriter. Kendra’s Deep House/Pop recording style developed from the eclectic vibes of her surrounding musical culture and community. Focused on being truthful to her core artistry and authentic to who she is as a person, Kendra brings a dynamic cinematic experience to everything she produces.

In December 2016, Kendra hit the Top…


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