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God's Gift - "Friend Zone"


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Meezy ft. Dro - "Coolin' Up"

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A. Bellez ft. Sonny C. - "Say That"

Not often do you stumble across the type of artist who can carry a generation of rap fans. Especially in today’s era, where over saturation and lack of creativity tend to drown out all other noise, this type of opportunity is rare. Imagine sitting in on the Clipse and Pharrell making their first records pre-2000, or, imagine…


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Edde6d - "Datt Boii"

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ChrisCo & Knox - Sky Walkers Episode 3

The wait is over! Third times a charm. Skywalkers 3 is available now for free download. 19 tracks from Knox and ChrisCo featuring Xzibit, KXNG Crooked and more! Download the full album and checkout the videos to go along with the project!…


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Lux$ta - Freddy

Its a short real life film on wax. LUX$TA tells a true story and paints a picture of how it is to grow up in North Long Beach out in Southern California. The "Earn Your Keep" EP is coming real soon!

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WassupWitE - 2503 The Crew

Born as raised in Compton, later relocated to the Bay Area, WassupWitE gives you the first hand account of his reality with his “2503 The Crew” mixtape. For those who don’t know, 2503 was the hospital room Ricky was in when he passed away. Take a listen & find out why WassupWitE takes you on the journey.…


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LA-T-LY - "Release Date 2014"

This LP Album from LA-T-LY aka Larry The Lyrical, is one of his best work yet. Going deep into his story of growing as an artist in Chicago, and every step that was made, to even get to this point. "RELEASE DATE 20 14", express's the growth and challenges of being an underdog with all odds against him, but can still carve out his own lane, despite circumstances. This album was long awaited to the date...but since 2014 was one of the…


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Mo City Soulja - "Coast 2 Coast"


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Chase Dollers - "Sounds Of The Suburbs"

Chase Dollers debut project!!! "I hope everyone can appreciate some real hip-hop, lyricism and substance cuz i got a lot of it!!" This is just the start of his music career. Be part of something great.

(Click Cover To Listen and Download)



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ICE - "Jersey 2 Cali" (Prod by TheGentleman)


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Ghost City Music - "Era Of The Ghost"

'Era of the Ghost' is the first album ever from Ghost City Music. The artists Davin Marco (@davinmarco) & Apoch (@apochmusic) are two upcoming singers/rappers from Mountain View/Sunnyvale in the Bay Area of…


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Klajdi Plasari's "The Order Of The Rose", a New Philosophical Society Promoting Machiavellian Advice and Wisdom

The Order Of The Rose is Facebook philosophical community founded on May 1, 2010 by Klajdi Plasari with 55,000+ members. This organization promotes Machiavellian advice and wisdom such as "When someone is extremely friendly with you on the VERY FIRST meeting it usually means that the person is most likely up to no good and wants something from you. Because there is a…


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