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Lew Sid - "Big Leagues"

Lew Sid drops an explosive new single with the release of "Big Leagues." A fiery collaboration featuring fellow Aspire to Inspire Music Group artist B.A.S.I.C., the hit single - produced by BeatsCraze - is a very vocal record that delivers nothing but maximum voltage.…


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Menon - "Feelin Different"

Menon...a Dubai based hip hop artist. The 23 year old rapper is mix breed of Filipino and Sri Lankan Born and…


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KG Finesses - "Put Em In Line"

I8-year-old Michael Johnson Jr., better known professionally by his stage name, KG Finesses was born into the game. Growing up in Central Islip Long Island, New York City, his primary influence — his father — was involved in the…


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Dasha - "Loving You"

Instagram: …


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Mason J Presents Tatyanna


Tween Artistic Trendy Youthful Adorably Neat New Artist

If you’re glued to Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat like a lot of tweens today, you’re whipping it to the tune of today’s dance craze “Nae Nae” or the “Quan.”



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Juice BillionZ - "T.N.A.R"

Is he next up out of Las Vegas? Rising Artist @JuiceBillionZ based out of sin city release's a new track for us called "T.N.A.R" the catchy song is based on him expressing how he feels & you can't deny this one! This track is defiantly a head knocker! Take a listen for yourself, As rumored Juice BillionZ is expecting to release his next album Marijuana Dreams 2,…


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Jstar Hefner - "Don't Waste My Time"

Twitter/Instagram - @JstarHefner…


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King Cavalli - "Oh My God" ft. Parker

Author and singer King Cavalli drops his latest single "Shake It" off his album "Wounded" that accompanies his book entitled "24 & Divorced". The album is available on ITunes and Spotify and his book is available in Barnes & Noble and

(Click Cover To Listen and Download)

IG / Twitter: @King_ Cavalli

Facebook: Leonardo…


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Shanice Ross - "New Heir"

(Click Cover To Listen and Download)

Shanice Ross makes her solo debut with her new project "New Heir" . "New Heir" is the start of the rising star, as she is known to be the "West Coast Queen". Shanice has writer & worked with music legends such as "Kool & the Gang" , "The Outlawz" & "The Alkaholiks",…


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Harold Taylor Ft. Gillie Da Kid - "I'm So Serious"

Twitter -

Facebook - …


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Covenant Government Presents Steamy Sundays

Upcoming & compelling artist, Feng Xhui Co-Founder of Covenant Government, releases his highly anticipated single, "Tantra #IndianDance", as a part of the labels newly conceptual event launch #SteamySundays. The groundbreaking single, will be Feng's first single to be available globally under the Covenant Government imprint. "Tantra #IndianDance" also features Big…


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L.I.A ft. Elmoh - "Vodka & Cranberry"

Gracing you with her first single Vodka & Cranberry. L.I.A. is back with her official Album/Mixtape "Never Defeated" now available on itunes, amazon, spotify, apple music, tidal & More. With features from Jamaican Artist Roy McCarty, Eureka, Doub00 and more.…


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Mason J Presents: Walt P


Feelings often conflict, but you have to choose what your life will say, despite how you feel

Walt Posey, a.k.a. Walt P tha Bad Guy spends his time in the studio channeling the lyrics in his music into a cycle of experiences…


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NaMoney ft. Polo Boss & Feever - "Trap Bag"

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Damond Young - "Ahead Of Time"

Ahead Of Time nation we here to show love peace and respect to the world so follow the blueprint Ahead Of Time all glory to GOD…


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