Brekbred Makes a Gala Appearance with Exotic Tracks

Brekbred aka Kenneth Meekins is all the way from Richmond and each of his songs is magic. The entertaining rhythm will penetrate into your nerves and will make you a happy person. The crazy hook, zesty beat and the ecstatic music are really nice. His mixing of old school with new school music is unique and you will not find it any other musician’s music.

Listen this hip hop song "The Way That I Love" by Brekbred:

Brekbred's focus on lyrics and the magnetic beat is has been praised all over the world. The simple composition yet inventive mind will have a lot of effect on your mind. The stimulating vibe and the staggering music will uplift your soul and body both. Some of his songs that are on SoundCloud are "Sounds from Monday morning", "The way that I love", "Streetlights" etc. Each one is different and the mind-blowing rapping will make you happy.


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