Bu Da Local - Purple Balloons via @DJEDUBMIXTAPES

Just release a new single called "Purple Balloons" BU Da Local is the artist name. Born in Kansas City. Heating up the streets for a while with over 200,000 mixtape hits on the single itself already. Before he could even start talking his mother moved them to east St. Louis. Growing up BU listen to many types of music but it wasn't til the 8th grade where he found his passion for making music. The first group he was in from 321 magic, witch resulted into their first hit single "321". After leaving the group & taking a couple years off, BU started a new group called "North Park Drive". Witch they opened up for many major artists. After moving to Detroit with the band to start a label called Wide Open. Being on brink of success & becoming well known to the public proved to be too much for the young group & they parted ways. Since then BU Da Local has still been push the line & staying focused on the bigger picture. Check out the new single today & follow BU Da Local on social media @BU_Da_Local on everything.
Purple Balloons Spotify Link

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