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Charley Young is a driven, passionate and talented music artist who has recently completed the works for her new studio release.

Her new effort is an EP titled “Phoenix Rising” – the work is currently available for pre-order on iTunes, while the title track (and lead single) is already available for purchase on the same platform! Find out more and feel free to get in touch! EP is releasing on September 13th.

The EP features 4 songs, co-produced and written at Master Kings in Soho, NYC with Michael Wien, Chad Bader, and Terrence Odige, that explore different ideas and genres with seamless enthusiasm, ranging from the heartfelt melodies of R&B to the lightness of Pop and the energy of EDM, just to mention a few. Her beautiful vocal melodies and charismatic songwriting wit echo the work of talented performers the likes of Sia, Ellie Goulding or Robyn, while sporting a very definite and unique personality.

The Phoenix is a noble creature that rises from the ashes, even after death, symbolizing the willing to grow and change through life, even in spite of struggles and issues: every day can be a new beginning. This is exactly the uplifting message that transpires from Charley’s music. She set out to strike a great balance between appeal and emotion, blending beautifully personal lyrics with inspired and catchy background tracks. Recorded at Master Kings in Soho, NYC.

iTunes has clearly provided an impeccable platform to the singers such Charley Young to showcase their music and build their brand name in the music industry. With strong determination and a passion for music from a very young age, Charley has put a lot of effort into creating music that is loved by the audiences. Apart form the title track, ‘Phoenic Rising’ the album features three other songs titled ‘All of you’, ‘believe’ and ‘night drive’.

More information about the album can be seen on iTunes.





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