Cross-genre Artist Joel Thomas Is Attaining Huge Attention on SoundCloud

SoundCloud gallery is focusing on the music gallery of an artist who is going to be the favorite of every music enthusiast no matter they are fans of what genre. Be it pop, hip hop jazz or rock, the cross genre tracks of artist Joel Thomas will make listeners groove top his beats. He is also known by the name of JTO and has dropped two amazing tracks on the gala. Other than his amazing music making sills, he is a groundbreaking lyricist and a will leave listeners mesmerized with his production genius.

Joel is a multi-skilled artist from Cincinnati, Ohio and excels over various genres with special reference to hip hop and rap music. The USP of Joel is his innovative approach to mix and match hip hop with various other genres that creates a refreshing, melodious yet energetic compositions. Joel is acknowledged for bold and outspoken lyrics with the use of different metaphors. Each of his music pieces is an outcome of heavenly combination of production genius and his assorted rapping style that pushes the limits of harmony and melody. He has dropped two amazing tracks “Showboatin” and “Number 2” both of which has attained popularity in the platform.

Joel’s debut track “Showboatin” featuring 4chille 6rad is an outstanding blend between melodious R&B and energetic trap genre. The track is perfect to beat sustain energy levels during workout. His new single “Number 2” is a dope track that is created by blending the essential elements of hip hop and pop. Stays tuned for his upcoming releases and also have a look at his social media profiles.

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