Demien Sixx’s New Dubstep Track “Straight Outta Zombieland” is Gaining Monumental Fame

In the EDM world, “Demien Sixx” is a name that many people are quickly becoming to know and remember. It hasn’t taken long for the NYC DJ/Producer to build up a strong following of fans, both in the club scene and online.

Demien Sixx’s unique fusion of Dubstep, Electro House and Trap is what sculpts his trademark sound, consisting of drum-machine like sounds, tight rhythm sections and walls of bass, surrounded by lush synth melodies and uplifting hooks. His tracks are all about engaging the crowd and liberating high amounts of energy, whether you are enjoying them via the intimacy of your headphones or being thumped in the chest by a state of the art PA system in a club.

This incredible singer is breaking stereotypes with his latest music- "Straight Outta Zombieland". This track is robust with wonderful beats that are cool to witness. “Straight Outta Zombieland” has cool beats and the song starts and ends in a nice note. If you want to listen to thid cool music, head over to soundcloud, right now.

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