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Music is the best thing to heal one’s mind and bring peace into the human lives. The vivid value that it adds to our lives is just undeniable. Hip hop and rap, being a hardcore part of this genre, is no different as well. Many producers, out there, are making hip hop and rap tracks to keep the vision of your life straight. But Py The Playlist Pioneer, in spite of being a producer for hip hop and rap, is a bit different from the crowd.

The official Soundcloud profile of Py The Playlist Pioneer is blooming everyday with such phenomenal tracks that you will be amazed while surfing through that. His productions are really extraordinary and are there to let you travel beyond the tangible world. The beauty of tripping with hip hop music can be perfectly felt with his makings. You will be awe struck while listening to the tracks. His musical pieces instantaneously grab the attention of the listeners and make them his follower. Have you heard instrumental hip hop numbers? If not, then Py The Playlist Pioneer’s official Soundcloud is the solution for you; listen to ‘Cake’ and ‘Moc 5’. Also, Py The Playlist Pioneer concentrates upon the musicality – the rhythm, the harmony and the beats – of a track rather than the lyrical part; this is where he is unparallel than any other hip hop artists or producers.

The primary focus of Py The Playlist Pioneer has always been into the musicality. His productions do not focus upon the lyrical part that is on the rapping. He has proved with each one of his tracks, such as ‘Elevated’, ‘Cake’, ‘Go’ etc, how hip hop can stand alone even without rap. You won’t be able to resist yourself from listening to his musical numbers again and again from his official Soundcloud profile.

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