Get Engrossed Gunsmith’s New Single ‘Street Code Bushido’ on SoundCloud

Conscious rapping is a very specific style of hip hop and rap music that has altogether started a ne revolution. Such tracks lay much stress to society, politics and culture. The motives of these rappers are to educate the masses and create awareness. This exceptional approach has gained huge prominence with new and aspiring artists who are making their gala appearance SoundCloud.  Artist Gunsmith with his team including Irrefutable and Killa Kain needs special attention for the track “Street Code Bushido” now streaming on SoundCloud.

Gunsmith is a multi-talented personality from Australia. He has created various tracks under his label Bussenschutt all of which are streaming successfully in the SoundCloud arena. Gunsmith is recognized for his head splitting conscious rap tracks narrated in a story telling style. The themes of his tracks ranges from politics to society and associated different human emotions. The tracks that have earned him huge respect in the music world are “Space That Lies Between”, “Bare Witness”. Gunsmith is an individual artist but also teams up other amazing rappers like Irrefutable, Killa Kain and many producers as well. Gunsmith and his team have given some huge hits in the zone. “Whatz All the Commotion” is another amazing track that has gathered overwhelming response on SoundCloud.

Artist Gunsmith is a native of Australia that is popularly known for rock music. But with the innovative and inspirational rap tracks, he has engraved a position for him in the rap zone. The track “Street Code Bushido” is an outstanding music piece that reveals the creativity and commitment of the artist. Be it the flawless rapping or the witty lyrics, the track can be regarded as an exemplary conscious rap track.

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