Groove With the Love Hip Hop Song “Me And You” By Louie Lone On Soundcloud

In last few years, SoundCloud has positioned itself as the leading platform of listening and sharing hip hop and rap music. It is regarded as the hot bed for aspiring artists and rappers who are craving to get some attention in the zone. One new artist who is making a special position in fan’s heart is Louie Lone, the young hip hop artist with exceptional skills on the genre. His jot new single “You and Me” is now streaming on the gala. Lone has an exceptional voice that is perfect for not only hip hop but other trending genres as well. 

Louie Lone has already started to form a strong fan following on SoundCloud with his exotic hip hop and rap tracks. The tracks like “Need you”, “Froze” and “Right now” are some of his recent releases that also need attention as well. However, “You and Me” has raised the standard of the artist and fans are looking forward to hear more from him. This track is produced by Mtax and is waiting for fans’ attention on SoundCloud.

Lone has raised his standard with the track “You and Me” produced by Mtax. This track has an amazing music score that is poignant and refreshing to the years. The lyrics of the music piece evoke unconditional emotions and will keep listeners hooked to the track. Louie Lone is one stud who proves that hip hop is not only meant for parties but is a perfect one for all who are want to express their love. Stay tuned to SoundCloud for his upcoming releases.

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