Happy New Year From Latin Spice !!!!!

The video clip that you donated to Kushions has a life of its own. The comments and responses have been crazy! One viewer commented that your booty must be made of all muscle because of the control you have and its shape. Would you agree (all muscle)? and how soft is it?


Oh wow! Well yes it is ALL MUSCLE. From the age of 17 till 25, I was a gym freak. I must add that since I haven’t been in a gym in a while its gotten nice and soft. As to how soft it is? Well I guess you will need to touch it.. Lol

Your website updates continue to be more creative with your photo sets and locations. Where do you get the ideas from to keep the website fresh and exciting?


I must say that I was born creative.. I can put things together or combine something with the other from every day life experiences and transform it into an erotic scene. Even an intense deep stare can be turned into a stimulating image. I like to keep things creative and interesting.

I’ve read that you have been offered countless times to perform in adult films and that you won’t do it. So I won’t ask if you will ever do an adult film, but I will ask you.. Do you watch adult movies? and if so who and what kind do you watch?

LOL. OMG. I hope you don’t want details. Well Kushions I must admit that YES I do watch a lot of porn. I usually watch random movies, I don’t focus on one particular person or company. But if you want details as to what I like being speaking honestly and I can’t believe I am sharing this SMH…. my favorites are anal scenes and group sex scenes… *phew* can’t believe I just wrote that.

Your Puerto-Rican pride is prominent throughout your work. The music from your dancing clips is Latin and you have photo sets dedicated to Puerto Rican pride on your website. Tell us how your culture and upbringing became such a big part of who you are? and how do you feel about Puerto-Rican culture today?

Well I was born in Puerto Rico and I started my modeling career in the island, so when we moved out to the states by the age of eight I wanted to stay close to my Latin roots have it show in my line of work, as it does in my accent. I embrace my culture as the pure Latina that I am.

The trend now is for any and every lady with a great body to start a pay-site. You were one of the first ladies to do it and you experienced issues/setbacks before getting it right with www.theoriginallatinspice.com. What advice can you give to ladies looking to venture into having their own pay-site, and how can they avoid what you went through?

First and foremost there is no such thing as a straight business partner when it comes to being a model and working with a male ‘partner’, at the end they want more than the partnership that you both agreed on. So my advice is to get your name known and save your money, do it yourself. Trying to be your own boss is very expensive but its worth it at the end.

Your overall play count on youtube is at nearly or beyond 1 million plays. You have a yahoo group, twitter page, and myspace account that fans can directly communicate with you. Tell us how this feedback influences or helps your perspective on what your fans really want?





Well Kushions that’s just a few of the fan pages I have out there. I love to interact with my fans . I like to give them more than just a model and pictures. I let them get to  know me a little more.



Another lady we featured mentioned that she often receives clothing and outfits that she would never pick for herself to perform a video in. What kind of outfits, materials, and fabrics do you enjoy wearing the most? And what’s the best outfit (if any) someone has sent you to wear?

Mmmm. I’m not picky when it comes to my site I’ll wear anything that I know once I’m wearing it will scream out sexy. I have gotten tons of outfit from fans, and I have featured them on the site and on my yahoo group, I always mention  who its from . Right now at the moment there is one person known as Mr.Honeyguy that sends a package weekly. Stuff for me personally and stuff to model on the site and make videos with. Any outfit or requests sent  I will do my best to feature it in a timely manner. I love my fans, besos to all who have send me gifts . And out of courtesy I will add a few names in here, hope they wont get mad, but lots of thanks to you and besos to Mr. Asesino, Mr.Forbe, Mr. Honeyguy and Mr. Montoya. Muah!

You have already completed and released one DVD, do you have another DVD in production? If so tell us about it…

Technically that is not correct. I have released one full dance DVD and two special edition modeling DVDs with behind the scene footages of some of my work.

Your legendary videos probably serve as inspiration for every girl shaking their booty for attention online lol! Any tips for all the home shakers and web cam ladies trying to perfect their craft?

SMH. I don’t do this for attention.(I had attention all my life) I do it because I love my line of work. I also like to give my fans more than just a still image. A little more to fantasize about. mmm :)

Your fame and legend have allowed you travel to many places. What was the most memorable trip or experience you’ve had?


Wow….my most memorable experience I would have to say was traveling to Europe in 2002. Working in and visiting Spain, Paris, Frankfurt and the Netherlands (Amsterdam) awesome experience and tons of pictures for my Bio.

Tell us about the process you go through when shooting a new set. From start to finish how do you put it all together?


Oh wow . Well I book the photographer in advance usually a late evening shoot works best for me, and once that is done I start to plan what theme or scenery I will work with. I usually have three outfits put together just in case I want to take advantage and do more than one shoot. :) Once that is set I wait for the day to come. On the day of the shoot, I get up early and get all my things together I have a heavy meal at noon and after that just light snack through out the day. An hour before the arrival of the photographer I’ll take a shower and start my makeup which I usually do myself unless its a shoot for something else I would get a makeup artist. Then I do a series of stretching routines to keep myself limber and flexible for some of my poses. By the time the photographer gets to the location I am almost ready to start the shoot and I don’t waste any time. Once we are done and I am satisfied with the work we wrap it up. That’s about it, very professional and simple. LOL

It seems like professionally being in control is very important to you…
Are you the type to be in control in privacy? Do you have a soft side or like to be pampered?

That is very correct. I like my professional life to be organized and in control at all times. But in my private moments I liked to be pampered and I do mean pampered *laugh* and then get manhandled. Oh yes I love that.

Let’s continue along this line, last interview your turnon answer was “tight body” is a must..what else does this lucky person need? One night with Latin Spice, what does this lucky person have to do to make it two?

Wow you sure don’t waste anytime when it comes to questions. Ok from one evening out to make it to a second outing, its very simple BE YOURSELF (please), be adventurous and spontaneous let the conversation go with the flow and the scene plus the drinks (wink). If the interest is there and the flow is nice and the personality is favorable then you’re guaranteed a second night. If you don’t get another one I guess it was not there.

So how is the modeling agency coming along? What kind of ladies or models are you looking to recruit?

Its doing great so far. As for models I need them open minded and to have an hour glass figure or something very close to it.

Your dancing movies, is there a set routine you develop before recording?


Nope! That comes all natural. I think I’ve been dancing since I was inside my mom’s womb. LOL

Common trends with dancers is the use of oils/lotions/candles etc..Is this something you enjoy doing or is it strictly for the fans?

Ok. well I am not doing a porn video so there’s no need for all that to make a sexy video. Now if a fan requested it and is willing to pay for it then a video can be made to certain point.

With the increase of ladies dancing online, is there anyone that you’ve seen and said ‘Wow’ she’s doing her thing?

Oh yes I have. Miss LatinSpice in her remix for Kushions. LOL

Latin Spice - Green Dress Dance
Uploaded by RealLatinspice. - Get intimate with more sexy videos.

What size jeans do you fit that legendary 51′ booty in?


Well I can only fit it in stretch material jeans from Applebottoms, Baby Phat, are the best for me. And I wear a size 9-11 depends on the material.

You always have a smile on your face or a sexy expression for the camera, is it really this much fun for you?


Oh yes it is, I always climax every time I am done with a shoot. LOL

What is your favorite cartoon?

Spongebob, Jimmy Newtron, Pinky and the Brain, and Tinkerbell. Those are my favorites. Also any porn cartoons are always welcome.

So for all the fans that waited for your return to Kushions, any parting words or thank you’s?

Thank you once again for having me. Its always a pleasure to answer any questions anyone may have. I love you all and this coming year will be much better than this one.
Tons Of Besos
your Queen of Booty always

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