Hip Hop Lovers Listen to Frank Guerra’s buzzing Hit “Airplane Mode”

For all music nerds who are looking for tracks with the peppiness of pop music and groove with the feet tapping beats of hip hop listen to the tracks of Frank Guerra on SoundCloud. The US based artist is signed with El Jefe Productions and is all set with his debut single “Airplane Mode” produced by D. Jeffreez. This beautiful piece of music reveals the incredible voice of Frank that is just perfect for both pop and hip hop music. Fans listen to this track on SoundCloud.

This debutant artist is all the way from the hotspot United States and excels in both pop and hip hop genre. Although new in SoundCloud but he possess unending qualities to accumulate uncountable likes and increase his fan base with pace. Frank Guerra is signed with El Jefe Productions and has dropped the track “Airplane Mode”. The track is a treat for the ears as it has the best melodies. The enchanting vocal texture of Frank gives a heavenly experience. The track is smartly written with crisp lyrics and has the zesty vibes of hip hop music. Produced by D. Jeffreez, the music piece is technically perfect.

The passionate track deals with pain of the lover who wants to spend some time in isolation. By turning his phone on “Airplane Mode” he wants some time for his own and start new. Artist Frank pours his soul to the track. Music fans evoke unconditional emotions with this track on SoundCloud.

Listen to Frank Guerra's amazing hip hop single- "Airplane Mode" on Soundcloud:


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