Hip hop Star Stoner Jordan Proves His Versatility with “Russ- Do It Myself (Remix)” on SoundCloud

Artists like Stoner Jordan are the true reasons behind the increasing craze of hip hop and rap genre the energy and enthusiasm powered with cutting-edge skills and the hunger for composing something new has made Stoner Jordan the word of mouth of every hip hop and rap music fans in the contemporary age. This Arizona breed has pushed the boundaries of hip hop by making it a commendable music genre to speak out loud about personal instincts and approach and not only using metaphors related to discrimination and racism. Stoner Jordan is a toured 8times around the US and has leveled himself as one of the most desirable performer in the arena. After many incredible releases, he is all set with his new track “Russ- Do It Myself (Remix)” for music lovers.

The popular name that is buzzing on the SoundCloud is Stoner Jordan the Arizona based Hip hop and rap artist who is making it to the top charts with his amazing compositions. From flawless rapping to perfect stage presence, this rap genius is a full package of talents needed to become a hip hop and rap icon. There is power in his voice and spark in his presence that makes him the most demanding artist of the modern hip hop and rap arena. After some back to back hits on SoundCloud, he is back with “Russ- Do It Myself (Remix)” the perfect club banger track for this party season.

Words fall short to describe the achievements of this passionate artist. He is the CEO of OG Music, runs a fashion label and charm of every life events and music festival in the United States. He has written his own fate by putting his effort and has no Godfather backing him. Some of his tracks that prove his mastery over the genre are “Got To Do”, “Running The House”, “Wake Up” and all the others on his SoundCloud gallery.

Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/stonerjordan423/doitmyself

Twitter - http://www.youtube.com/stonerjordan423

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/stonerjordan423/

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