I.R Dev - "Money Support" Ft Mika Luciano X Free Lord

I.R Dev is an Indie artist from the Southside of Chicago who initially drew influence from Scarface and Tupac. I.R Dev sounds range from soul to humor, and everything in-between. His storytelling is vivid and cohesive, lyrics are sharp, and their beats are invoking but I will let you be the judge.

Money support is a broke mans nightmare. If broke and breathing correlated then maybe laziness wouldn't exist. With production from Taylor Supreme I.R Dev grabs Mika Luciano and comedian Free Lord to give a crash course on hustling. There's a million ways to make a buck whether legal or illegal should be no reason anyone is broke. Hold a man under water and he'll instinctively struggle, that same man can be drowning in debt and see no need to hustle

Instagram: @Devdolo
Facebook: Devy Dev

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