In 2013 ECU Gave Us A Pornstar...2018 ECU Gives Us A Rapper

ECU sorority girl, Carter Cruise left campus in 2013 to pursue a career in the adult film industry. She quickly became one of Pornhub’s biggest names in the “top pornstar list”. This is no surprise though, I mean the girl is bad as f**ck. Now she is absolutely killing it as an EDM DJ too! We are excited to see what else the former ECU student and Hooters girl is capable of. At just 27 years old, we think she’s got plenty more up her sleeve!

Obviously 2013 was a legendary year for the party school, but 2018 may be another one for the books! This year, 25 year old hip hop artist and entrepreneur, SkoolBoi is now enrolled full time at ECU. This is big news for the party school already known for creating celebrities. Although when talking with SkoolBoi, we learned that he had been “playing around with the music thing” as he says, for years, he is dropping his first official single while attending the university. Hopefully the song, entitled Elevator Music featuring Shawn Scrilla, will create some serious buzz. ECU may very well receive credit for creating yet another celebrity! 

We did have one question for the 25 year old hip hop sensation of ECU, and that is, will he jump into the porn industry after music? We look forward to hearing back from him on that. Who knows, maybe Carter and SkoolBoi can collaborate?!

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