Yung Hunted was born and raised in the Dirty South (South Carolina). His cousin served as a mentor for him in the rap game until his untimely death. Today, Yung Hunted is one of the hottest rappers coming out of Philly. He is signed to NO Baggage Records, LLLC, located in South Jersey. He has a strong following in the Frankford section of Philly and the surrounding areas. Be on the lookout for his new singles, "Food Chain," "Bentley Truck," "2 Focused" and "Do Da Walk." Yung Hunted will be appearing on at the NO Baggage Records Release Party on July 27th at 10:00 PM at the Voltage Lounge - 421 N. 7th Street, Philadelphia, PA. Call 856-336-8485 for shows and endorsements!

IG: @NBRecordsllc
Contact: Telissa K. Lindsey for inquires, shows and endorsement 
opportunities at 856-336-8485

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