J Poet (born June 29, 1994) is Canadian born with a Latino/Portuguese Background. J Poet specializes in Pop R&B and Hip-Hop, with electrifying energy he sings, raps and captivates audiences everywhere he goes. J Poet is rapidly emerging into the Music Industry through the launch of his debut EP and own unique sub-genre of hip-hop titled "Trap Pop". Toronto-born J Poet is a soulful artist who inspires people through his intelligent lyricism and rockstar personality. J Poet is well known in his city for his music, style and stage presence. His music embodies everything he stands for: Keeping it Real, Being Authentic and Spreading Love. Each verse is handwritten by J Poet and has clever wordplay that sparks thought in the listener.

J Poet calls himself the Poet because he feels Poetry is a beautiful form of art where people use beautiful sequences of words to teach powerful lessons and connect with people’s emotions. He feels Poetry has been in the shadows for the last decade, he wants to remind the world of the beauty/power of Poetry and its origins in music. J Poet is also well known in his hometown as "J Nice". J Poet considers "J Nice" as his dark alter ego which he uses as an outlet to express the darker side of his creativity in this "Yin and Yang World." J Poet uses his music as a platform to connect with his fans and invoke change in the listener and the world! J Poet’s favourite artists are Michael Jackson, New Edition, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Kanye West and Drake.


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