Listen to “BlackLoveAlbum” for a feeling of happiness

The artist, 1sPlace Poe’t has come up with his latest album – “BlackLoveAlbum”. It comprises of seven songs that are brilliant work of art only on Soundcloud.

Stream 'BlackLoveAlbum EP' by 1sPlace Poe't Here :

“BlackLoveAlbum” is written by 1sPlace Poe’t and it is extremely melodic. The artist from Central Florida mentions that his music is different just like him. The sound of his hip hop and rap music is classic and fresh that offers an inspiration to fans. The few sprinkles of modern life and individuality are felt in this album. It is also a modern representation of drive and energy that offers uplifts fans and weaves soul into them. The tracks are pretty effective and have absolutely bright music that offers inspiration to hip hop and rap fans everywhere in the world.

BlackLoveAlbum” offers a smooth and energetic music to fans that is structurally appreciable. The pace, authenticity, soul and smoothness of the songs are absolutely amazing and offers a great listening experience to fans around the world. Fans of this amazing musician can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.







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