Listen To Elis King To Enjoy Passionate Tunes Of Pop Music On Soundcloud

Elis King is known to create and compose his own Pop songs for his fans since 2017. The single in his Soundcloud profile is sensual and absolutely mesmerising.

Artist's Bio : 

Passion and pop music have been walking hand-in-hand since the time pop music evolved. From eye-popping videos to ear-satiating songs – Pop music stars have been creating some mind-blowing melodies for their audiences. In 2018, nothing has changed so far with artists Elis King aka Emeka Peter making fans groove to his tunes on Soundcloud. His single – ‘Sexy Body’ is no less than a passionate anthem, which was produced, arranged and recorded by him. This Afro-American singer, rapper, producer, songwriter and businessman create and compose under his music label Caliking Music. Currently, he is the senior producer in the company.

The moment his single – ‘Sexy Body’ starts playing, your whole body erupts with passion and affection. The song is vibrant, highly energetic and smooth with clear structure and intensity. Elis King’s passion is reflected through the song and envelopes his audiences in a clear and clever way. The energy of the song never once fails to connect with his fans and convinces them of the lyrics. You will be appreciating the song with the relevant tunes and rhythmic sweep that is powerful and poignant. If you want to listen to the Pop track, head over to Soundcloud and follow Elis King on Twitter.

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