Listen To Elle’s Hip Hop And Rap Songs To Enjoy Rhythmic Extravaganza

It is true that hip hop evolved as a cultural movement but now it is a major music genre that is gaining popularity across the world. Now, hip hop and rap have become synonymous with each other. There are several artists who are making solid beats and amongst them Elle is gaining massive popularity in Soundcloud. He is a new and upcoming artist who is trying to grow his fan base. He has just released his first single and trying to gain exposure for the song. Elle is planning to release his EP in January or February.

Elle aka Emmanuelle L. Davis is an artist who lives in a different universe. He believes in always following his heart. From the ripe age of 8 years, he started singing with one of his friends, Antonio Foster. They used to imitate and rap Outkast beats, Dmx and freestyle to Jazze Belle instrumental. Elle, apart from being a musician is a die-hard movie buff and wanted to be a screenwriter. Although he went to film school in Denver, but he quickly realized that his favorite part of the movie was selecting the music. In the year 2011, he dropped out of school and went ahead to pursue his music career.

The hip hop and rap by Elle is known to inspire people and offers them an edge. The beats of his tracks has a light note and blends beautifully with the lyrics. The mood of the audio confidently captivates fans across the world. Fans must listen to – “herfavsong”, “Boltaneer”, “Colo Springs Lightning” available only on Soundcloud.

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