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One of the most contemporary music genres is Pop music, which is extremely famous and has got worldwide acclamation. It can be called modern music that brought revolution in the music industry. It is an amazing music genre that has broken the norms of conventional music. This music is beyond the typical styles and it is one of the main reasons behind its success. In Soundcloud, there are several musicians who have taken up pop music and entertaining people with their musical expertise. Emreis is an influential musician from Tacoma, Washington who has composed some great pop songs available on Soundcloud.

Pop has recently gained popularity amongst every strata of society with its unconventional tunes and music. Pop songs have only one goal and it is to entertain the audiences with its superb beats. People embrace pop music and with that several aspiring musicians have taken up this genre and creating superb compositions. In the music-sharing site of Soundcloud, Emreis is rocking her fans with high spirited songs. She is been showcasing her passion to worldwide audiences in a beautiful way. The music has a different tune which is subtle yet absolutely captivating.

The artist, Emreis has paid attention to all the details in her songs. They are different from one another and carry the purity of honest lyrics in a genuine way. All songs have a distinct touch of personal experience that adds element of characters and freshness. Listen to her songs, like – “Heartless”, “New Drug” and “Like You Do” for an enjoyable and musical experience. Fans can connect with her on Instagram and listen to her music on iTunes Podcast.

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