Listen To “Whotf?” By Apex for an Energetic Vibe Only On Soundcloud

One of the major music genres today is hip hop and rap. It has bypassed rock music and now dominating the music industry. The great hip hop beats and rap tunes that have evolved are now really making it big. From what it was to what it have become – the basic tunes of this music has spread widely. In Soundcloud, it can be easily witnessed – the musician Apex has recently released a song called – “WhoTF?” The song has all the necessary elements that offer passionate tunes yet will surely thump the audiences’ minds. This musician is from New York City and taking hip hop to a new level.

If you ever have been fascinated by hip hop and rap music, you must listen to Apex on Soundcloud. This New York City musician gives his heart and soul to the music he creates. His performance in his new song – “WhoTF?” by Apex is soaked in reverberating music. It has a cool tune which is generally unusual in hip hop tracks. The track revolves around in a strong way making audiences groove to it. If you want to jam or listen to something that would take your mind out of the misery in your life, listen to “WhoTF?”

The music composed by Apex on “WhoTF?” has an electronic ambiance that is unusually smooth yet colourful. The music ha layers filled with sounds and synths that offer a definite feeling of togetherness. It also has an underlying concept and passion. His music is modern and the reverb part in the second half of the song is melodic and soulful. The word has a great reliant with chord progression and other musical instruments. It is a song that inspires audiences to get and take notice of the artist due to his voice. Such vocal quality is hardly found in artists nowadays.

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