Menice - "Back To Life" ft. J Pass

Menice is a top 40 Billboard artist who has charted top 10 on major radio Internationally. As an accomplished song writer and producer Menice is well on his way. Already walking on the moon and reaching for the stars he is just as meaningful beyond the music. Menice is a veteran who fight’s for his country for the freedoms he expresses in his music. His identity built by hardships in his youth to the professional he has become as an adult. All done by sacrifice and his will to speak to the world. Menice is built to overcome any battle as he plant’s a new flag with every victory. His very existence is the true definition that defines the saying “from the bottom to the top”! Ounce homeless and lost in his youth to an accomplished main stream artist with an honest understanding of the music industry. From the top 10’s Menice has received in major radio and Bilboard, Menice has just got started! Placements with Universal, a new EP bound to set a new standard in hip hop, and the autobiography “American Dream” co authored by NY Times Best Seller George Saunders is the last spark needed to light Menice’s career on fire.





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