Nathan Conniry Will Enlighten Your Soul With ‘If I Die Young’ From Soundcloud

Hip hop and rap all about breaking beats and rhythm. The more perfection in them, the more quality will be the track. Nathan Conniry has got superior talent in that. His creations are made with sheer accuracy. One of his mind boggling tracks is ‘If I Die Young’ which can make you go crazy over his style of rap. Being a track of The Band Perry, this song achieved a big elevation with his creative touch.

Nathan Conniry had an exceptional talent writing poetries. He nurtured this talent and raised himself to become a successful rapper. His dedication and love for music, especially rap, was immense. This led him to make some awesome tracks. ‘If I Die Young’ is a song by The Band Perry which is remade by Nathan Conniry with sheer perfection of his rapping style. The rap and the song have got blended very precisely. Nathan Conniry has maintained his own style to make this track a unique number on Soundcloud. The flawless breathing during the rap will take your breath away. ‘If I Die Young’ has thrivingly created a magical atmosphere with its musicality.

he rap and the song got perfectly blended by Nathan Conniry in this track. The rhythm of this track will make your mind and body swing. The music, itself, has created breathing effect throughout ‘If I Die Young’. The breaks that he has created with his rap will blow your mind. The smoothness of this track is undeniable. ‘If I Die Young’ will start echoing in your ears once you listen to this. Flow away with the musicality of this track played on Soundcloud.

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