New Single "Your Worth It by Dax ft. Hopsin

Dax has only been doing music for 1 year and 8 months. During the first year and 4 months he was a full time college student & basketball player at Newman University. While excelling at both he also worked overnight shifts as a Janitor. The money made from being a janitor he would use for studio time and make music videos he would put up on his YouTube channel. During that 1 year and 4 months he accumulated 46million total YouTube views and gained 485k YouTube Subscribers. His Instagram following was at 800 followers and is now at 172k followers. Dax is now verified on all social media platforms. His most viewed music video currently has 17.7 million views. Dax did all this while being an independent artist and is still independent to this day. With label offers from Empire Records and RocNation Dax is holding out until he feels the offer & time is right to sign. His most streamed songs on Spotify are “Catch me outside” 820k, With the music video at 17.7 Million views on YouTube. & “I Want” 736k with music video at 1.9 million views on YouTube. Dax’s biggest performance took place in Shanghi, China at tge AYO Festival with an attendance on 40k in the audience. (Largest Hip-hop festival in China) Also Pharaoh one of China’s largest hip-hop artist reached out to Dax and they recently just made a song while out in China, release date in unknown. He has permired on tv/radio interview “Thisis50” and iheart radio in New York. Below are his social media handles.

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