Paint Your Life With The Musicality of ‘Fatal Attraction’ by THE BAZ

The beginning of hip hop was somewhat different than any other musical genre. At its birth, hip hop was not only a music genre, it was something more than that and since then it has always been so. It was a cultural movement which lifted itself to be the most popular genre in the music industry. Hip hop got awarded with some extra ordinary talents and THE BAZ is a fresh name amongst those. This trio’s new track ‘Fatal Attraction’ can easily grab your ears.

THE BAZ, being a new born in the music industry, has never failed to impress the listeners with their polished craft. They will efficiently get you hooked up with their catchy melodious creations. ‘Fatal Attraction’ can give you a sense of pleasing mood. The blending of the sound is just flawless. So, into the official Soundcloud profile of THE BAZ and you will easily get mingled with ‘Fatal Attraction’.

‘Fatal Attraction’ is constructed with some alluring beats and pre dominant instruments. THE BAZ has proved even the casual approach of life has also something unusual to offer. Their devotion to rap has made them able to do something big. The rhythmic flow of this track is just perfect to make your feet happy. You will get glued to ‘Fatal Attraction’ once you click on the play button. Tune into Soundcloud to rock your party.


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