Papi Versace Will Blow Your Mind With His New Single “Gorillaz!”

Hip hop and rap is getting a new destination with the trending creations of the artists. It has come a long way, since its inception, in the music industry. Hip hop has its own beauty where the artists tend to spread some deep messages to the society at large. Papi Versace is a new contributor into this genre of music. His creations are creating a big difference with hip hop music. His all new track “Gorillaz!” is an instance of his mind boggling creations. Stay tuned on Soundcloud to listen to this awesome track.

“Gorillaz!” is a true representation of the rhythm and beats used in hip hop. You won’t be able to stop yourself from grooving after listening to this mix. The breaks are so perfect that you can feel them just by listening to it once. This number is his 3rd single and he is continuously giving blasting effects to the audiences around the world. No doubt, Papi Versace believes in making top quality music. Each of his songs, including “Gorillaz!” proves that every time. The music is groovy and addictive with a touch of clarity in the tempo. This 21 years old lad will take your heart away with this strong rap. “Gorillaz!” has become a top hit in hip hop throughout the musical site Soundcloud. The sound of this song will keep on vibrating continuously into your ears. You won’t be able to stop playing the track.

The music of Papi Versace always represents his own self in the truest form possible. He believes in travelling through all genres of music and not only through hip hop. You won’t be able to ignore the vibes that “Gorillaz!” will give you. This is considered to be the most energetic hip hop song so far on Soundcloud. The creativity of this number is undeniable praising. Tune into Soundcloud to get the touch.

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