Rock The Dance Floor With the Latest Hip Hop Track - "Ranger Up" by Houston Blake

Houston Blake has dropped his new flagship single in soundcloud. Worldwide fans and followers are overjoyed receiving his excellent musicality in “Ranger Up”.

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Houston Blake is introduced as an amateur singer in soundcloud. His voice consists of cutting edge style music with rap. The quirky articulation, mild and rolling aggression – all these mark his voice to be different than that of other singers in this music streaming site. This artist has released his new hip hop single and named it as “Ranger Up”. The song is fused with all sorts of hip hop elements. Though he is new to this music world, Blake knows how to incorporate the two main pillars of music together. His tracks are already gaining good praise amongst the fans and listeners.

Mild and rolling aggression and quirky articulation – all these have made this single to be one of the best creations of this singer. Houston Blake has developed an in-depth knowledge in hip hop and rap genre. This artist has struggled a lot while setting up his name in the world of music. Though he is new to this music industry, he has gained good appreciation from the audience. His flagship new single “Ranger Up” has received good engagement as well. This energetic vocalist has incorporated some unique elements of hip hop in his tracks.

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