RushMobb Boy Boy ft. Lil Rellow - "30 Rounds"

Boy Boy of the supergroup RushMobb has released a unique and creative new music video to go with the latest hit single from the talented artist called "30 rounds" - Check out this song of the day!  
RushMobb is a music group stationed in Green Bay Wisconsin, based out of Chicago, Il and Milwaukee, WI. Different surroundings and different upbringings brought together a sound that is musically undeniable. With “BoyBoy” being Rushmobb’s initial artist, him and childhood friend Vontay had a vision that stemmed from a strong love and passion for music. Over the years, the two of them started recording music, shooting videos, doing shows, and gained a large crowd of supporters. Using his Chicago ties, “Vontay” brought cousins “KingPenn” and “Lil Rellow” from Chicago to Green Bay and started an instant epidemic.

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