So King’d Up Comes With His Enjoyable Music “Tiltin Crowns”

So King’d Up is the great rapper who has given rap another name as King hop. His song “Tiltin Crowns” has received huge applause all around the world. You will feel wow after listening to his music. He has established the hit record named Elite Campaign Recordz and it is one of his innovative records. His song is based on real ideals as he has gone through many troubles in life and has made himself a belief in love and truthfulness. You will now find the talented rapper on SoundCloud with his entertaining “Tiltin Crowns”. The song has a kingly feel with the embellishment of extraordinary music.

If you want to get his entertaining music “Tiltin Crowns”, you must visit SoundCloud. His song has wow kind of rapping, great jamming of different music and real phase of his life. The Tacoma living artist and founder of Elite Campaign Recordz, So King’d Up is flying high with his great talent for music making.  His elite music has a nice composition and zesty lyrics. He got his influences from the artist’s like Nas Scarefac, Killa tay Mob Figaz etc. If you want to witness his exclusive song “Tiltin Crowns”, you must hit SoundCloud.

His main motto of creating his extraordinary subgenre was to break the barrier among boys and girls. Boys being considered as superior are wrong and female too should be given equal importance. His song has this touchy ornate display of feeling. His ideal way to describe his life story is really amazing. He is even famous on various social sites with uncountable followers and his song making has a unique way of sensation which you cannot forget. If you want to hear this song and some other music of him, you must tune into SoundCloud.

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