SoundCloud artist JMC Charlie is proving His Versatility with New Single ‘Prayers’

Often hip hop tracks are overpowered with music and pumping beats while the charm of rap narration gets lost somewhere. No matter music score is the core of hip hop but rapping is equally important in this genre. There are very few tracks that maintain a good balance between rap narration and music.  Recently the new SoundCloud artist JMC Charlie from Canada has released some exciting rap singles on the gala. Although the beats of the tracks are composed by different beat makers and composers, the charm of the music pieces are his rap singing that will leave listeners awestruck. His latest single ‘Prayers’ is now streaming on SoundCloud.

Being raised in Vaughan, Charlie was exposed to the music environment and was immensely passionate towards rapping and songwriting. He always wanted to become a professional rapper and today he is living his dreams. In Charlie’s SoundCloud gallery almost all his tracks portray his rapping and singing skills but the latest track ‘Prayers’ is a masterpiece for it is perfect in every terms beginning with rapping, lyrics, energetic beats and production. With the touch of William Gega, the producer of the single the track attained a whole new dimension. Stay tuned to SoundCloud for Charlie’s new projects.

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