Spend Extra Hours On Dance Floor With NOA/AON Tracks On Soundcloud

The meaning of peace and tranquility differs from person to person. The fact that every peace lover will agree to it and the most enthralling and exciting way to attain peace of mind is with NOA|AON’s music. Music is indeed the best way to achieve serenity. Again even in the case of music, the definition of good music differs from one another. NOA|AON music is however crafted for all individuals craving for both mental and physical fitness. The label name NOA|AON means a movement for attaining freedom of mind, body and soul. The creative genius behind this altruistic approach is Pavel Stuchlik. Apart from being the composer of NOA|AON tracks, he owns chain of fitness boutique name “Atmasphere” based on Atlanta including eight other leading destinations.

Positive attitude, stable mindset and dedication powered with immense passion defines young and versatile persona Pavel. His life journey from a professional cyclist to an entrepreneur was all ways accompanied with his music passion. DJ Pavel has an exhilarating sense for multi-genre music. Trance, house music, pop, EDM are some of his favorite genres. DJ Pavel uses these genres to create quintessentially transformative tracks loaded with rhythms, melodies and energy. Some of his popular tracks like “All or Non”, “United”, “Involution”, “limitless”, “When it Rains, it Pours” and a few other has been widely appreciated my global music lovers and also  been critically acclaimed for such an unique approach. 

NOA|AON tracks are extremely thought provoking and perfect for accompanying them while performing yoga, meditation or other recreational activities. The recently dropped extended play “Workout Mix 60” is an exemplary tape in this aspect.  DJ Pavel has also become the heart of all parties for his feet tapping dance music like “Havana”, his remix albums and of course his latest “Brand new energy Festival Set”. All these tracks perfectly align with the motto of NOA|AON i.e. achieving freedom. Feel refreshed and rejuvenated with NOA|AON tracks on SoundCloud. 

Visit here now: https://soundcloud.com/noaaonofficial

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