Talented Rapper 1RIQO's Recent Hip Hop Album - “Vibe Wit Me”

1RIQO is a young rapper who has started rapping in style. He is a fresher hip hop artist in the musical industry. He has just launched the album “Vibe Wit Me” on Soundcloud.

Streams : “Vibe Wit Me” by 1RIQO

Visit : https://soundcloud.com/1riqo/sets/vibe-wit-me

Artist's Bio : Hip hop is a revolutionary musical genre. It is also a culture which aims to make a change in the society. Hip hop artists have always tried their best to spread some goodwill. Youngsters are taking birth in this genre every day. A new name in this field is 1RIQO who is an 18 years old young rapper. His new album, “Vibe Wit Me”, got released recently on Soundcloud. Start grooving with the tracks today by tuning into his Soundcloud profile.

The tracks of “Vibe Wit Me” has all the flavors in it. The songs have the perfect blend of harmony, rhythm and tempo. The beginnings of most of the songs of the album are somewhat different than any other hip hop tracks. The flawless beats will surely make you partying. But on the other hand, the lyrics of the songs have deeper meaning in them. They raise concern for the societal value. “Vibe Wit Me” focuses on spreading love, peace and unity amongst the people. Not only that, 1RIQO is well concerned about the fun factor of life – so his songs are giving immense happiness also. At the age of just 18, this rapper has experienced a huge realization, which has made him make “Vibe Wit Me”. Through Soundcloud, his album is spreading positive vibes in the society. Lend your ear in this music sharing site to get grooved.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/1Riqo

SoundCloud : https://soundcloud.com/1riqo

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