‘Texas OT’ - Sinner Clique Rec’s New Experiment in HipHop has Catered Good Response

Do you want to listen to some vibrant lyricism? Then, it is high time for you to get connected with Sinner Clique Rec.. This music duo is really trying to set a good recognition in the world of music. Steez and Tiko both are looking forward to creating some excellent musical fusions. Well, their new releases track ‘Texas-OT’ is setting perfect mood for the fans. The touch of melody and instrumentation is making it a big hit. ‘Texas-OT’ is evolving with a passion and openness that has made it undeniable. Something is hypnotic and really satisfying in the lyrical prowess of the track.

The soundscape of Texas-OT  will make you feel fresh. The meeting of opening riffs with mesmerizing melodious voice has made it viral. The waves of synth create an intense soundscape that is also coming up with a different performance style. The rhythmof Sinner Clique Rec.’s music is driven by vocal performances. Their technique of throwing lyricism is unique than that of other singers. The artists concentrate more on the song structure rather than the verses. To get more updates on their recent releases, you can follow them in instagram.

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