Trip Your Body on This Latest Hip Hop Mix - "Y U Trapin For" by Cyclopsranking

Listen to some hip hop music this month and get energized. The superb artist who is flying high with his superb “Y U Trappin For” is the amazing Cyclopsranking.

Streams : "Y U Trapin For" by Cyclopsranking

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Artist's Bio : The artist who is making exciting hip-hop music is Cyclopsranking. His message in the music “Y U Trappin For” is very real and influencing the youth of today. His music has clear statement of his life. His music is something you will love him about. You will get the stunning musician on SoundCloud.
He will captivate your heart with his charming “Y U Trappin For”. The lyric is gentle with the use of nice background score. The systematic way of song production will enable you to become happy. His exclusive way of music creativity has made him a great singer. The exact kind of rhythmic flow and the awesome beat has turned the piece into magic. If you are going through a rough phase in life, then this music will be the perfect one for you. 

The great rapper establishes the idea of purity through his “Y U Trapin For”. The gentle lyrics with nice rhythm will make your day. The stylistic factor of lyrics with the enigmatic musical background will hypnotize you. Cyclopsranking tries to melt heart of many with his energizing “Y U Trapin For”. The irresistible music will take you to the world f wonder. The song has a zesty feel which any music lover will fall for. His music will influence the youth of today as he gives the real taste of life. Listen to the enjoyable hip hop music on SoundCloud.

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