Yung Dae Launches "Thinkin Of U" for RnB and Soul Music Fans

Yungdae started listening to music of Notorious Big and Tupac Shakur and there and then started writing and mixing music. Now he is a famous artist and has received huge fans. The magnetic rhythm, the swift flow, the zesty punchline, all together will pump your body. Some of his songs that you will find on SoundCloud are “FGM Anthem”, “No favors spin city” etc. His redefining way of music making is taking the music world by storm. So, get the star on SoundCloud.

Listen this song titled "Thinkin Of U" by Yung Dae:

Yungdae has always remained ardent about music and with time he is shining with his enriching talent of music creation.Some of his praiseworthy songs are “Thinkin Of U”, “Yung Dae Let the beat ride”, “Act up” etc.




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