Sparkey Hot is an Upcoming artist born and raised in Baltimore MD. Sparkey influencers in the Industry Jay-Z, 50 cent, Master P, also comparing himself to the Legends Baby, Fabulous, Dip-set and Jadakiss. Sparkey says the reason he compares him to all says “ I feel like I am all of them mixed in one, I have a business mindset and a hustle like Jay-Z, 50 cent, Master P and Baby, my physical style aka drip like fabulous and Dip-set, I come from the gutter and Rap about real shit like Jadakiss”. Speaking to Sparkey About his music And how he came up with his latest mixtape “A real feeling about real life when I wanted people to get a feel of the wire, I feel like artists from my city are talented but they don’t represent Baltimore as well as they should, So I want you to feel where I come from when you hear me the wire is bright Popular so I want you to feel that when you listen to me.” Says Sparkey. Check out his latest single “Harder” Dope Record Speaks for it self! @Ripakeys

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