Artist & writer Julian Wilkins aka JUJU from Richmond, Virginia. I would have to say my influences in the music industry are chris brown, dmx, and kendrick lamar. I wouldn’t compare myself to any established artist, because i am my own person and don’t want to be like anyone else in the industry. i honestly think my listeners will get positive vibes out of my music. my music has subliminal messages in it and situations people can relate to all over the world. When i developed “ Yuck” i was just thinking of how backwards the industry is. they are signing drug addicted rappers with catchy hooks and no messages in their music. So i calle it yuck because thats how i feel about the industry its disgusting. I just started making music about 2 months ago. What made me want to start was from seeing everyone else do it, and it really seemed like a new way to create and have an escape from reality. The most difficult time i had to endure in life was being kicked out at the age of 18, but god walked with me through the valley of shadows and i prevailed. He has truly blessed me to be where i am at today. The most difficult thing i had to endure in the music industry was trusting people with my music and management. I’ve been ripped off on a lot of money but i forgive them, and have learned my lesson to not trust anyone and just manage myself and music. It feels amazing to finally get my big break, but god is telling me to remain humble. This is one step closer to my main goal but i will always remain humble and stay positive no matter what. Hopefully my music will give people a sign of hope that anything is possible through god, and to reach for the stars even if you rocket is out of fuel. I pray my music reaches out to people in the light and dark and that they hear my messages about drugs and how your body is a temple and we much appreciate the vessel that god has blessed us with. - JUJU Social Media Instagram: @callmeju_ju

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