KvnLee (aka Kevin Lee) is a 20yr old MC from the DMV, hailing from Northern Virginia. He recently release his demo the "The Introduction" on all major streaming sites.

“We Run This” - KvnLee showcases his lyrical talent by riding the beat, tic for tic, all the while soliciting listeners to give it their all, when chasing their dreams. In the track KvnLee recalls how he came to chase his dream, stating, “It just so happened, I scripted bars some random night/ I always knew, I would be the next big star in sight/ So I just worked, lurked, in the cut just scheming/ Chiefin’ heavy ganja/ I was fighting ‘gainst them demons…” After listening to “The Introduction”, it becomes obvious that KvnLee possess a rare talent mix, consisting of sound, lyrical ability, and quality content. Look out for him, because the way KvnLee delivers with "The Introduction" he's proving he's got that certain something that Hip-hop needs more of.

Check out his live performance of "We Run This" at Eden Lounge in DC, April 2018.



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