Balancing much on her plate, Rosa Acosta shows that she is flexible in all aspects. Before taking the New York City night, Rosa took the time out to catch up with Blow! at Community 54, LES's newest locker for vintage swag. The seductive fitness instructor, model, and actress was on the scene to host an in-store signing for her new 2012 stretching calendar, where she met with the long line of passionate aficionados who were in attendance.

Rosa touched on the process of making a calendar, mentioning that it's all about finding that right twist. Although these stretches and twists will have anyone flipping months prematurely, Rosa has proven that her endeavors stem far beyond being eye-candy appeal. As she puts it herself, "anyone can do that." Her dedicated work ethic is proven through her success in fitness competitions, extensive workout regiment, and dedication to eating right. The sexy Dominicana also seeks to take on the acting game, as she has already committed to a film project, Los Blancos, a story about two Columbian sisters who overtake their family business of pushing the raw and uncut. Having already made fiends out of many through her online presence, Rosa is certain to advance the Acosta movement with a devoted drive to accompany her alluring beauty.

Be sure to pick up your copy of Rosa Acosta's 2012 Stretching Calendar here:


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