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Listen To the Glamorous Song By The Super Star FRVSONA

The famous star FRVSONA will make you happy with his soul-stirring music. He has made many songs and each one of them is unique and skilful in its style. The charming and the mesmeric way of tune will uplift your mind. The American rapper is known to create some wonderful music and you will fall for him.

The stunning kind of musical work is really progressive. The songs which you will like to hear from the star are “Money call”, “Bring a friend” etc. The superb way of music FRVSONA has shown will make you feel great.

If you want to hear his music, you must go to SoundCloud. FRVSONA has emerged with his beautiful way of song creation and his song has wow kind of thrill. The great determination with which he has composed his song will take away your breath. His great vocal work and the entertaining vibe will make you feel wonderful. The lyrical foreplay and the hypnotic charm he displays will make you feel great.

Soundcloud -

Instagram -…


Posted by Rees Michael on February 21, 2018 at 2:23am

Don't Miss the Hip hop Songs by the Rapper Jimmy Badd

Hip-hop music has become a worldwide event and people want more of it. After meeting with many challenges, the genre is now loved by all people. One artist who has taken the music genre to the best level is Jimmy Badd and his extraordinary songs are reaching hearts of many people. There is something fascinating about his music which is simply portrayed and you will get relaxed after hearing his song. The fancy kind of work with his instruments will mesmerise your heart. If you want to hear his music, you must tune into SoundCloud. The awesome kind of vocal Jimmy Badd has shown is really outstanding.

Jimmy Badd can be described as the music therapist as his song has that thing to heal your mind as well as body. The stylish feature and the stunning kind of musical instrument used will give you a pleasant vibe. His song displays his genius creation and the calm mind shows his perseverance. This determination has given him the command to make some beautiful song. His “Animal” is one of the best songs and you won’t forget the feeling it will have on you. There is something interesting about his music which you won’t witness in any other musician.

Jimmy Badd’s music is lofty in style and deep with music. It is like magic if you hear his song on a deeper note.…


Posted by Mira Edorra on February 20, 2018 at 5:53am

DMT’s Brand New Single ‘Lit’ will Set Your Mood on Fire

Rising music artist DMT makes a grand debut in the music industry through his song “Lit”. This brand new music artist from Atlanta, United States, has merged the lines of trap and hip hop music genre. He is determined to leave his mark in the music artist. The heavy and rhythmic beats in his music will get you hooked and lure you to the dance floor.  If you are a fan of trap music then DMT is the one for you. His music is already creating frenzy on the gala and is steadily trending on social media channels and music platforms online.

His brand new song “Lit” is already creating frenzy among trap and hip hop music lovers. His song not only brings new rhythmic blends to the table, but it also presents unique verse. He has expressed his thoughts, ideas and concepts through his music. He has integrated his own trademark in style, tone and rhythm. He has made use of all the essential elements of trap music genre like Roland 808 drum machine and synthesizers.

His latest single has perfect amount of percussion and bass. The heavy content of this particular genre is very well adopted by this versatile artist whose tough and gritty persona and attitude are expressed through this song. His song “Lit” present us with energetic vibes, enchanting hooks and gripping snares dance with this song. His artistic and creative vision has given a new meaning to trap hop music. The lyrics…


Posted by Mira Edorra on February 20, 2018 at 4:57am

Big Thumbs Up to ‘Steez - '1818 (Intro)’ by SinnerCliqueRec. on Soundcloud

Hip-hop and rap could not get any better without the contributions of SinnerCliqueRec. The duo, Steez and TKO, has come to the limelight with their magical creations. Steez - '1818 (Intro)  is one of their buzzing raps uploaded on Soundcloud. The musical artistry of this duo never fails to blow your mind. The artistic flow of this track is truly mesmerizing.

SinnerCliqueRec. has become the biggest hit in the hip-hop world of the new age with their freshness in music. The freestyle essence from Steez - '1818 (Intro)’ will refresh both your mind and mood. The positive energetic vibe spread from this track will indeed engross you. The unconventional rapping style of Steez - '1818 (Intro)’ creates a dreamy colorful ambience around the listeners.

The listeners can genuinely feel the wildness present within the duo with the musicality of this track. The voice of Steez is so engaging that Steez - '1818 (Intro)’ will keep you attached to the track thoroughly. The inherent contrast in this track has set SinnerCliqueRec. apart from the…


Posted by Zennifer Handerson on February 20, 2018 at 2:59am

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